Feb. 29 - March 7, 2003
Weekly Feature: Slope17

Artist: Various (Image: detail of Hypertext/Hypertype by Carrile McMillan)
Reviewer: Garrett Lynch

"What's going on in hyperculture" you cry out? Well pop over to slope17 to see their exhibition on that very topic! Some good works here, there are the usual suspects in hyperliterature, Mez, Lewis Lacook, etc., and a few newer faces such as Brandon Barr.


February 22 - 28, 2003
Weekly Feature:
These Weapons of Mass Destruction Cannot Be Displayed.
Artist: Unknown
Reviewer: Garrett Lynch
... an amusing yet sinister interpretation of a common "404 page not found error" surely a piece to download and keep?


February 15 - 21, 2003
Weekly Feature: 817,800,000,000
Artist: Neil Jenkins
(part of the wartime exhibition)
Military budgets are often talked about, but never really concretely declared. $817,800,000,000 is a net piece which presents military budgets in global terms.