March 16- 21, 2003

Originally published on 03/12/03 by Katie Bush is a site of "Evil animations" initiated post-George W Bush's 'Axis of Evil' speech. Each day, starting from January 1st 2003, the artist has added an animation on the theme of evil, George Bush, war, etc.

The animations themselves conform (in the majority) to the same format. Stylistically, they are a strange cross between American 1950's colored advertisements and graphics that might be produced on some sort of 80's computer such as a ZX spectrum. The word "Goal," which is used in each and every animation, seems to be an embodiment of Bush's target, his "Goal" and the media machine that is his presidency, with animations of people digesting the word, watching it on TV, being given blood transfusions of it and it invading nearly every aspect of their lives.

It's refreshing that we are now seeing, post-flash, a return to less complex animation styles with no need for sound. The absence of sound and the continued looping, in fact, seem to be used to great effect to heighten the unease and distaste that is suggested by these animations.
:: Garrett Lynch ::

Originally published 03/12/03
Though there's hardly any attention paid to it, there really is a net-art scene in Poland. Here are 14 links to projects by different Polish net-artists from the NNK art server:
FiutGymnic - Multimedialny program terapeutyczny
Sonety - sonety spychologiczne
WduszyGra - gra parami styczna #03 - Wduszygra
Profile - gra parami styczna #02 - ko Ciebie
Podlewanie - wiosenna atrakcja
Pasterz - gra parami styczna #01 - owce
TV - ExcluZiv
Parawany - Przekaz K-ce Ulica - wyjrzyj przez - tour de balance
Mosz - moiwoi zm?zonego pana

WWW - miniprojekt
Symulator dresiarza - w warunkach naturalnych
PiesSkok - piesek skacze do basenu
Dziadek je serek - Dj`s life
Zly nawyk - Reskaluj Browser
Pniesek - Symulator pieska

:: Peter Luining ::

Originally published on 03/07/03
Check out the Kunstbar -- brought to you by the Petrie Lounge artists from Whitehouse Animation Inc. In this mini-epic Flash film, we are taken on a journey through modern-art history as seen through the bottom of a shot glass, or two, or three...
I like the idea of being able to ingest a beverage that enables one so easily to slip into the (imagined) mindset of artists whom we know only through their work and writings. The styles change rapidly, as they should -- nice pacing and flow in this film. Well worth a look even though the download time is 7 minutes for a 56k dial-up modem connection.
Artists: Denis Gonzolez, John Halfpenny, Chris Labonte, Paul Teglas, and Steve Whitehouse
:: Kristen Palana ::

Originally published 03/07/03
The art of copying websites as art is as old as 1997 when Vuk Cosic copied the website of the Documenta X that was meant to disappear from the net after the exhibition in physical space would be over. In 1999 it was that made the hearts of many beat faster when they copied a Hell project called surface that was only meant to be accessible for a short time. About a year later, Florian Cramer copied and put it on the net under the name Nobody noticed the difference and Florian began to start net-art projects under the name of his site. One of his first was aimed at Rhizome's art base; and with such a name, it didn't seem to be hard at all to get in with a piece of net art. Soon after that, he was invited for all kinds of web projects by people that, of course, actually thought that he was, though at that time both sites already looked different. The latest project in this genre was by the artists from "b-l-u-e-s-c-r-e-e-n" who, on February 15th of 2003 (the day Rhizome officially became a paid service), put a complete copy of Rhizome's art base up under the name "netartconnexion".
:: Peter Luining ::