May 17- 23, 2003

Originally published on 05/14/03
FACT--an "organization for the exhibition, support, and development of artists' film, video, and new media projects" that opened in Liverpool, England earlier this year--is having an interesting event on Friday 05/23/03. "Networked Narrative Environments: As Imaginary Spaces of Being" is "a one day Conference & Workshop where an international group of artists, curators, performers, and writers come together to explore the relationship and possibilities of interaction between the Physical and the Virtual worlds." Co-organized between FACT and Manchester Metropolitan University, with a related exhibition taking place at Holden Gallery at Manchester Metropolitan University, this event promises to be very worth while and attendance is strongly recommended if your in the area.
:: Garrett Lynch ::

Originally published on 05/09/03 (The following is not a review, but rather an exhibiting opportunity that is worth noting)
Arte Digital Rosario 2003, an upcoming online/offline exhibition to take place at The Center of Contemporary Expressions in Rosario, Argentina, is currently accepting submissions of creative works in four different categories: CD-ROM, on-line/web, video, and installation. Artists can submit up to four works, one per category. Here is more specific information off the press announcement:

Pre-selection: A preliminary jury established by the organizers will select according to artistic merit, expression, originality, and creativity.

Submission: starts 02 April 2003.

Deadline: for entries is 02 June 2003.

Works will only be accepted when the postage date does not exceed the deadline. The organization of the Festival cannot be held responsible for eventual damage done to works in transit. These works will be advertised in the Press and may be included in all and any promotional pieces produced and broadcast by the Festival. Copy of the selected works will be held as property of Nonetart, as part of the historical collection of Art Digital Rosario Muestra 0. These works can be accessed and viewed by the public, free of charge, as well as exhibited in other festivals, screenings, shows and cultural activities, always mentioning the piece's participation in the Festival.

This event is scheduled to happen semi-annually. For more specific information contact coordinator/curator Gabriel Otero, or click on the web link at the top.

:: Eduardo Navas ::

Originally published on 05/12/03
Gregory Chantonsky develops art work on and off the web. Much of his work is dependent on literary sources which he uses as part of complex interfaces. His work could be considered a late version of hypertext, but his aesthetic is obviously informed by other areas of new media, as well. Chatonsky has been making art since 1989, and some of his early net projects date back to 1997.

An early project worth noting is Touch and Contact. This piece was a splash page for the early Rhizome website. Here, Chatonsky presents a resizable video loop of two hands touching each other. The imagery is accompanied by an ambient soundtrack and textual fragments which are displayed seemingly at random when the user clicks on them. The interface is mouse sensitive, so the user is able to connect with the imagery by considering mousing-over as a way of 'touching.' The abstract piece is based on writing by Jean-Luc Nancy. The video clip is actually a loop from Nouvelle Vague (Jean-Luc Godard).

If one views the video loop for a while, the repetitive touching along with the extreme image pixelization point to humans' ambivalence toward machines. The fragmentary narrative that Chantonsky proposes falls along the lines of Godard's constant intention to expose slippages within structures of communication. This is perhaps one of the best net pieces I have so far encountered, which deliberately exposes the relationship of net technology to Cinema. And the best part is its simplicity.

:: Eduardo Navas ::