:: Monday, January 31, 2005 ::

Net Art Review Celebrates its Second Anniversary

On behalf of the writers at Net Art Review, I would like to thank our readers for two incredible years. Your steady support and interest over the past two years have placed us at our highest level of readership ever. As such, I look forward to yet another successful year, as we continue to develop and hone the content you have grown to appreciate.

As we enter our third year, you will notice some changes in site, which I hope will provide you with even better writings and information. Starting in February, we will begin presenting new writing in our "Monthly Features" section. Each essay will explore specific art works or issues in-depth, with increased rigor and research. These writings will continue to be supplemented by our usual "Weekly Features" and newly integrated "News | Announcements" and weekly "New Media Fix" sections.

I would also, like to announce an addition to our Editorial Team. Molly Hankwitz who has served as a contributing writer for NAR this past year, will assume the role of Contributing Editor. She is currently a Lecturer at Queensland University of Technology and Ph.D. Candidate, as well as an active writer and curator in the field. We are pleased to have Molly bring her experience and talents to this position.

Our Founder, Eduardo Navas, will be moving to the position of News Editor. Eduardo has busy personal year ahead. But his need to travel and finish his own Ph.D. pursuits will surely provide some first-rate information for our newly established "News | Announcements" section. I addition, Eduardo will continue to write scholarly texts for our "Monthly Features."

Of course, the rest of our Kru is as vital as ever. And in honor of our second anniversary, some have chosen their favorite NAR writings of the past year:
Nicholas Economos (Alfred, NY, US)
A Fortnight Of Posts on Gaming and Game Theory

Lora McPhail (Los Angeles, CA, US)
Regarding Globalization
Reflection on Centro + Media, Periferico, and LatinoAmedia, Mexico City

Ignacio Nieto (Santiago, CL)
Interview with Victor Sintron on his work DOGS

My best to our readers and our writers for the upcoming year. And a huge amount of gratitude for the disciplin, talent and work each one contributes. You are the ongoing success of this journal.

Lora McPhail
Editor-in Chief


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