:: Sunday, January 25, 2004 ::

ORIGINAL POST: Tue Jan 06, 10:48:30 AM
BY: Lewis LaCook

Not an art project per se, but it has great implications for all new media artists.

Turns out Mark Napier and Daniel C. Howe have been working on a set of Java components for artists. Called Open Java, these handy tools will enable Java artists to simulate physics via engines written by the programming duo. True to the spirit of Open Source, one can not only view demos of the components on the project homepage, but also download source code to allow Java Headz to incorporate these behaviors into their applets.

Java may have recently suffered blows from the monolithic giant Microsoft, but projects like these prove that the language is thankfully here to stay, and will no doubt continue to produce compelling new media work.

ADDITION TO POST: Sun Jan 25 2004
BY: Lora McPhail

The mission of Open Java as stated on their website as follows:

The Open Java(tm) Project will facilitate creative software development through cooperative sharing of Java code.

OJ is a foundation of multimedia code components that can be plugged together to build sophisticated applications. Java programmers of all skill levels can build on this foundation to develop advanced applications without reinventing the wheel.

OJ is not a library; it is a set of standards or a coding "protocol" by which code components can communicate with one another. By coding to this standard, programmers can independently build components that can talk to other OJ compliant code.

Open Java, is intended to serve the multimedia community through its own participation and code contribution. Open Java, facilitates component-based programming for those who “know-what-they-know” quite well but might need the specialized knowledge of another mind to complete the development of a program.

Truly an exciting proposition! Thank you to Lewis LaCook for bringing this resource to our attention.