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NEW WRITING: no/copy/right
BY: Garrett Lynch

EXCERPT: no/copy/right is an online exhibition that has just been opened by no-org.net, a "new Jerusalem art network envisioned as a platform for experimental projects in the area of netbased and digital art and for the exchange of independent information on contemporary art."

Subsequent to a call for works on the theme of anti / counter copyright which went out through most mailing lists at the start of this year for a new net.art 'space' completely unknown to the community, I have been regularily checking the site to see how well the exhibition fared. It's a shame but many online exhibition ‘spaces’, which have had promising debuts, have not been in successive exhibitions or have quite simply been pushed out by the mainstream art world.

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"no/copy/right" by Garrett Lynch will be featured through 4 April 2004.

NEW WRITING: no/copy/right: Curators' Statement
BY: Lea, Diego & Matvey of Sala-Manca Group & vagRearg

The following is a statement of intent made by the curators Lea, Diego & Matvey of Sala-Manca Group & vagRearg:

"no/copy/right is the first net-exhibition of the no-org.net-independent Jerusalem art network that started on December 25, 2003. It was envisioned as a platform for experimental projects in the area of net-based and digital art, as well as for the exchange of independent information on contemporary art.

The theme for the current exhibition, as it has been stated, is an artistic investigation of the issues of copyright and/or authorship in digital and net areas. Because of the dominating nature of the exhibition's concept, both new and old projects were welcome to the show.

The intension of the exhibition was to exemplify and attempt a comprehension of the peculiar relationship between the digital media, art, and authorship--and the cultural, philosophical, and legal implications that characterize them.

Eight projects from eight artists were selected for the exhibition. The selection was made based on the originality of the works, their complemental impact, and their approach to the exhibition theme. Each participating artwork in the exhibition explores different areas of the author/authority/authenticity maze, stresses different aspects of the no/copy/right theme, and, perhaps, acquires in the frame of this exhibition a new meaning.

Sala-Manca Group & vagRearg"

NEW WRITING: Content Under Pressure
BY: Stefani Barin

EXCERPT:Sweeping generalizations aside, there’s a myriad of sites that brings together the elements of technology and content in ways that transcend the omnipresent bells and whistles mentality that McLuhan could not forecast. Mediatopia.net is one such site. Advertised as Networked Technology for the Creative and Critical: An Online Exhibition and Symposium,, this site presents an architectural montage of images, ideas, and sounds--a realization of Sergei Eisenstein’s montage in film and Walter Benjamin’s dialectical image in writing—thereby utilizing the content of “antiquated” mediums. The site is introduced by the audiovisual counterpoint (central to Eisenstein’s work) when it opens; and within the grey backdrop appears the overlay of a white square that performs a countdown (a ubiquitous device of old films) that’s accompanied by the sounds of tinkling bells and revving motors as the home page opens.

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