:: Thursday, April 08, 2004 ::

Dear Net Art Review Readers and Contributors,

Thank you for your patience this last week. Net Art Review is growing – and with growth come a few growing pains. (My endless gratitude to Eduardo Navas who has assumed the untitled role of technical advisor in this endeavor.) The site and resources we are looking to present to you in the next few months will be well worth the occasional bump as Net Art Review re-faces, expands its features sections and begins new collaborations to bring you content and information from a variety of forums.

As we make changes we will continue listen to accept feedback and suggestions – Net Art Review is a collaboration between its readers AND its contributors. We are interested in all you have to say.

New “Weekly Features” will be posted this SUNDAY, 11 APRIL. In the interim, I offer some New Media Fixes to tide you over:

“Netbehaviour is an open email list community for sharing ideas, posting events, opportunities, facilitating collaborations in the area of artists, academics, soft groups, writers, code geeks, curators, independent thinkers, relationalists, activists, networkers, net mutualists, new media types, new media performers, net sufi's, non nationalists. “

Andrew Eyman "BAD WORDS," 2003 (video)
Do These Words Insult You? Make You Laugh? Why Do We Give These Sounds Power?

SITE GALLERY: Media – Art - Photography

Michael Takeo Magruder Commision at Turbulence

radioartemobile: a series of connections, sound projects and installations

Museum of Temporary Art: “A novel combination of online and actual art storage and presentation, Debby Rebsch's Museum of Temporary Art offers a new challenge to established concepts of art and museums.”

“Blip is a forum for artists, scientists and members of the public interested in new forms of art that explore generative and procedural processes, interaction, emergence and artificial life.”

Subcultural engagement for the 21st Century...
Barbelith is a new kind of community

“Create your own living spaces online with netomat 1.0 - personalize them, share them, use them again and again. netomat spaces are live, multimedia channels of communication between you and your friends, family and co-workers.”

a short film by eric deis

Lora McPhail, Editor