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ORIGINAL POST: Wednesday, July 28, 2004
BY: Eduardo Navas

What is the state of blogging? Where is it going? How is it affecting online communities? These are some of the questions that may come up for users on the current most popular technology for online publishing. In their short history, blogs have been personal online diaries; but in recent times, it is those with critical specificity that have become more highly regarded. A brand new blog worth visiting often is Networked Performance, brought to us by Turbulence. It offers news and comments on recent and upcoming events. Another blog that is a meta-blog, (all blogs are meta-blogs really), which emphasizes the recycling of information as a somewhat curatorial practice, is reblog, sponsored by eyebeam. This blog offers the comments of a guest blogger, or reblogger, as they call her, for the length of a month or so.

For those who think that blogging is a recent technology, think again; it has been around for quite sometime, since at least 1997. For a concise history of this, read Rebecca Blood's short history of blogging. And if you want to learn more on the subject, log on to a set of links at PBS Media Matters.

ORIGINAL POST: Thursday, July 29, 2004
BY: Molly Hankwitz

New Siratori hyper literary work
Smart-d by Kenji Siratori
ISBN: 0-595-32545-9


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ORIGINAL POST: Wednesday, July 21, 2004
BY: Lora McPhail

Everyone has a story to tell and/or advice to give. Students at the University of California, Irvine have developed "The Confession Project," an online-portal for posting problems and leaving them open for visitor commentary. Some of the goals of the project are "to deliver a place where individuals are able to freely make confessions and express themselves anonymously... With the aim to create not just something truly honest and raw, but also to gain awareness of the real problems… [that people face.]”

Confess your sins and whims at http://www.confessionproject.com.