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ORIGINALPOST: Monday, February 14, 2005
BY: Ana Boa-Ventura

O primeiro Guggenheim da America Latina no Rio?

Pode ler aqui o artigo publicado no UOL a 27 de Janeiro acerca da reabertura das negociacoes - que tinham sido interrompidas em 2003 - promovidas pelo actual prefeito para abertura do Guggenheim no Rio de Janeiro . Muitos artistas e academicos estao revoltadas com a manobra politica e de propaganda que dizem estar por detras destas "renegociacoes". Com museus da cidade como o Museu de Arte Moderna do Rio de Janeiro em condicoes precarias de funcionamento muitos estao mais preocupadas com a sobrevivencia de instituicoes fundamemntais da cidade, mais do que com a abertura do Guggenheim que tem sido planfeto de campanha do novo prefeito Cesar Maia. Comente no Aticar a Brasa.

in English:
Will Rio de Janeiro have the first Guggenheim of Latin America?

The new city mayor Cesar Maia has reopened negotiations (that had been blocked in 2003) to have the Guggenheim in Rio. Many artists, academics and the public in general are concerned that this is a political manoeuver with political impact in the election of the mayor rather than a wise strategy, given the state of degradation of core museums of the city such as the Museum of Modern Art of Rio de Janeiro (Museu de Arte Moderna do Rio de Janeiro). If you can read and write in Portuguese, read the article about the renegotiations in UOL and you can comment on the "Aticar a Brasa".

ORIGINAL POST: Saturday, February 12, 2005
BY: Peter Luining

Not really new media related but a thing that just puzzled me as a Dutchman. Why is Piet Mondriaan's surname always spelled with one a instead of the orginal two in Anglo Saxon countries? A swift research gave some partial answers. After a conflict in 1912 with his uncle Frits Mondriaan, who disagreed with Piet's abstraction, Mondriaan started to sign his paintings with Mondrian instead of Mondriaan. Probably this and because Mondriaan with one a (so Mondrian) is easier to pronounce in English is the cause that Mondriaan is nowadays almost worldwide spelled with one a. In the Netherlands however we still spell it with two a's and even the largest art funding foundation overhere is still called Mondriaan Foundation.