:: Sunday, March 06, 2005 ::

NET.FILM.REVIEW:'Salad Fingers'
by Kristen Palana

David Firth's new Flash animation is more than a bit disturbing. If it doesn't give you that creepy 'I better not stand up too quickly' feeling, then you probably can't be watching Salad fingers Episode 5: Picnic .

Picnic is the fifth in a series of short animations that feature Firth's odd green character with the innocent English accent, shaky handwriting, broken teeth, long hairy fingers ('salad fingers' apparently), and fondness for the feel of rusty spoons against his skin.

The bleak soundtrack and scenes, as disconnected from each other as Salad finger's mind, are worth checking out. Arguably the best of the series, Picnic, has a more developed "plot" and more in-depth exploration of Salad finger's inner and outer world. Reviews and links to the other episodes can be found at Newgrounds.com.

For more information about David Firth and his now cult-favorite creation, check out interview and read about his inspirations and influences. Apparently this artist got some 'salad fingers' of his own. Disturbing...