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The following are some questions that have come up for our readers. If your questions are not answered below, please feel free to e-mail us; we will gladly respond, and add your questions to the ones below.

Why was Net Art Review created?

Net Art Review's main purpose is to offer critical writings about net art and its crossover to other fields in new media. It is considered an educational resource, where online communities can learn about interesting new media projects.

How is it decided who can write about net art and new media?

Net Art Review was founded on a community based approach, which means that anyone can become a Contributing Writer. If a person has the time to comment, and shows a strong understanding of new media and net art, then Net Art Review welcomes the writing, as long as the contributors are aware and respect the posting guidelines.

Why does Net Art Review not have an artist database if it focuses on net artists?

Net Art Review is an online resource, and as such it offers links to resource websites. Many online resources offer links to artists' websites, so to also have a formal list of our own would become a bit redundant. Besides great lists already exist which should be mirrored if anything, but Net Art Review finds this not to be a priority at the moment.

Is my art submission actually considered for review?

Yes, all submissions are considered. All reviewers receive periodic updates which allows them to consider material for future writing; however, not all submissions will be reviewed on the daily log. This is due to obvious reasons of time and space restrictions. A typical submission will take between a week to a month to be reviewed. Please be patient, as the reviewers need to take a close look at the work before writing about it.

Does Net Art Review endorse the opinions of its contributors?

No. Net Art Review does not endorse any opinions. It is open to all types of critical writing, and the editor keeps an open mind when editing the weekly features. Agreeing or disagreeing is not an issue for Net Art Review, but rather to expose readers to a diverse set of opinions.

Is Net Art Review some sort of institution or organization?

Net Art Review is in its early stages of becoming a nonprofit organization.

Will Net Art Review grow to be a big institution?

Net Art Review is meant to function as a public resource where people can learn about net art. Although it may one day fully function on grants, the website will grow as it needs to; it will never be pushed to be bigger than its role in the community demands.