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::net_art_review guidelines for Contributing Writers::

Net Art Review focuses on net-art and its crossover to other fields in new media. The purpose of the site is to provide a space for sharing links to material that contributing writers find interesting, which include actual net-art projects, exhibition opportunities, online resources, as well as news.

How the posting process works:

Contributing Writers post directly to the weblog whenever they like. There is no editing from our copy editor at this point -- this means that reviewers are responsible for grammar and syntax errors. Every week, material from the daily log may be selected by the Contributing Editor. The writing is then posted on the next Monday as Weekly Features. The Weekly Features may also include material that was submitted directly to the Contributing Editor. This material will usually be a bit longer, but not too long around (500 words max--rough count, not a rule). Contributors can also submit longer material for the Monthly Features, this material is posted once a month at the discretion of the Editor-in-Chief. Contributions can also be made on a one by one basis, meaning, anyone can send material as they desire without joining our netKru officially. The Monthly and Weekly Features as well as the daily logs are archived for later access.

Posting in different languages:

Writing and posting in different languages is welcomed and encouraged. Net Art Review understands the complex relation of language to globalization. For this reason NAR is interested in presenting material in languages other than English. The material does not have to be translated into English, although this is also welcomed. The main point is to provide space for contributors who are interested to express their opinion in a way that is comfortable and will allow clarity for a specific audience. While this may deprive those who do not speak a particular language from understanding the material it also points to the limits of current global communication, something some online users may forget when surfing material in their own language. At the moment we have contributors wrting in Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, and English.

What you can post:

You can write about any subject that you like, as long as it's related to new media and net art. We do encourage that you write reviews of actual artworks as often as possible. Feel free to experiment with your writing. As a general guideline keep in mind that the posting to the daily log (that's the blue window on the right of the main page) should be somewhat brief, although exceptions do occur. All postings should always have at least one link for reference. To get a good sense of the variety of postings, please visit the daily archives.

Some of the subjects that have been featured in the past include reviews of online art, new media festivals, books, announcements of events and exhibition opportunities, as well as important news.

Normally you should include a short description or summary of your subject of interest, explaining why you find it worth writing about. If you are posting an announcement, you should paraphrase and contextualize it, explaining why you find it important. Providing your thoughts is encouraged because visitors are always interested in opinions. Your paragraphs can vary in length. (See weblog for details). Your actual write-up can consist of several paragraphs. Your opinion does not have to be "deep" -- just honest. It's best to be brief.

Exception of self-promotion:

Exceptions are made for postings of net art shows or resources in which you participate in someway, only if the posting involves the net art community at large. That is, if you post a press release about an exhibit you are part of, this will be accepted because there are other artists from the community who will benefit from your post; just make sure to follow the guidelines explained above. A post that only emphazises your own work will not be acceptable, as this one will be considered straight self-promotion.

Contributing writers' contact info will be posted on the site as a thank you gesture for writing daily recommendations (publishing contact info is optional).

What you can not post to the daily log:

A purely self-promotional posting. There are plenty of other sites that already provide this type of opportunity such as Rhizome, Nettime, Thing.net, very busy among others. Using Net Art Review's weblog for self-promotion will lead to removal from the Contributing Reviewers list.

You cannot post disrespectful comments. This does not mean that you can not be critical; it just means that if you do not like some aspects of a subject, state your reasons in an objective critical manner.

You cannot post material unrelated to New Media or Net Art. Net Art Review was developed to provide links to material related to emerging technologies. Trivial ramblings and comments that are completely unrelated will lead to removal from the Contributing Reviewers list.

Send all submissions to: editor@netartreview.net (Lora McPhail)