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FMS or FragMental Storm "is a software which carries out WWW searches displaying the data disjointedly", in other words a visual internet browser.

Created by the collective exonemo, formed by Kensuke Sembo and Yae Akaiwa, the work is a pure abstraction of the network. Through movement, colour and form, the work shows the fickle nature of an everchanging space by itself continuously changing.

Former Prix Ars Electronica Honorary Mention's, this is just one of several pieces of note including rgb f__cker and TRACK:0 from the collective's site that is well worth a look.

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:: Thursday, October 23, 2003 ::
Nettime is currently having extremely intense dialogues ranging from Education to interactive online publishing on Wikipedia. Check out the threads: Linux strikes back III, New Media Education and its disconents, and a puff piece in wikipedia
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opportunity in Europe (via Syndicate):
The Edith Russ Site for Media Art will award 3, six-month stipends for 2004, aimed at artists working with new media. Each stipend is 10.225,84 Euro (20.000 DM). There are no residency requirements. The stipends were made possible by the Foundation of Lower Saxony.

Information and application: www.edith-russ-haus.de

Deadline for the completed, signed application, which includes a project description: 31 January, 2004 (post date).

The artists who received stipends in 2003 were Dave Allen (GB/D), Bernadette Corporation (USA/F), Naomi Ben-Shahar (USA/ISR). The artists who received stipends in 2002 were Johan Grimonprez (B), Dagmar Keller/Martin Wittwer (D/CH) und Florian Zeyfang (D).

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:: Tuesday, October 21, 2003 ::
Furtherstudio: redifining interactivity...
Jess Loseby will be interviewed live online by Lewis LaCook tonight, October 21, at 18:30 GMT (19:30 BST and 14:30 NY), as part of Furtherfield's FurtherStudio artist residency. To see the live chat, point your browser at furtherfield.org/furtherstudio/
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Here is a press release for a diverse new media exhibition (make sure to scroll down to view the links to the participating artists):

Pabellon dd en el marco de observatori'03 desires the near dismaterialization of the exhibition of visual arts. in a clear homage to dadaism, that everyone knows does not mean anything, can be viewed by the symbols of "hard-drive" (in spanish, "discoduro"), "digitaldipsomania", "dismaterialized diffusion", "divergent diversion" and other abbreviation pairs beginning with "d".

the works dd photography, dd video-art, dd local (software.art and interactive residents on the premises), dd web.art, dd net.art, dd live (spectacles whose source will consist of whatever digital state), are put within the reach of people through an administrative database situated in a hard drive: because pabell?n dedé exhibits all that is storable in our hard drive (which is,by the way, very hard).

it exhibits works via invitation or later selection through an open call so as to reflect the artistic production of the latest art in a much better way.

it demonstrates the works that require the manipulation of the visitors, addressed to while standing up, without placing the citizen underneath or sat down, but rather in an equal state of two people standing up, one on one.

it emits all the slave works of a sequencer, fixed by a "clock-step". on each "clock-step", the exhibition disappears into darkness so as to return to, after a distancing from the exhibited works, the administration of the following set of works.

+dd live

++brian mackern/jorge haro _sndtoys match_ .uy/.ar

++josé manuel garc?a izquierdo _24 frames_ .es

+dd local

++luigi pagliarini _cyber infinity_ .it

++fernando llanos _transmitiendo trazos(streaming sketches)_ .mx

++béatrice rettig, juan baba, yves degoyon _zoo!_ .fr

++andrew forbes _breaker t-p_ .uk

+dd net.art

++jonah brucker-cohen bumplistes el dominio de irlanda.

++david crawford _stop motion studies
++nanette wylde _tru valu_ .us

++arcangel constantini x-no-01 .mx

+dd photography

++josé pedro santa-barbara _peixes_ .pt

++daniel villar onrubia _mirando/manos_. es

++eugenio vizuete, m? angels dom?nguez and victor palau _mi hogar
electromagnético_ .es

++francis naranjo _terapia entr?pica_ .es

++kai rennes _glory holes_ .nu

+dd video-art

++chiara passa _psichedelikalflesh_ .it

++eva miquel tortosa _apnea_ .es

++teresa arozena _yayi_ .es

++fabulass productions _the spectators_ .us

++andrés senra como explicar a un hijo artista el significado de lo
sublime en el jard?n de un chalet adosado .es

++olga mazurkiewicz, daniel mart?nez, lou lou dada changed my life

++sergio jiménez _she is on the phone_ .es

++caterina davinio caterina davinio for alan bowman's fried / frozen
events 2003 .it

+dd web.art

++mar?a soledad ram?rez bustos _corazones traspasados .cl

++together we can defeat capitalism anti-capitalist operating system (acos) .us

++marina zerbarini _l'atido .ar

++iv?n marino _in death's dream kingdom es

++brian mackern _dick el demasiado // cumbias lunaticas_ .uy


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:: Monday, October 20, 2003 ::
Wednesday the 5th of November in the Balcony Room, Shakespeare's Globe, 21 New Globe Walk, Bankside, London SE1 9DT, England, ResCen (Centre for Research into Creation in the Performing Arts, Middlesex University) will be hosting a seminar on the theme of "Transformation and the Artist".

"For over two years the ResCen artists have been meeting in closed sessions to discuss the processes that form and inform their work. This seminar is the second in a series that focuses on themes drawn from their past discussions.

Transformation has been a recurrent theme and represents an aspect that can be seen in the artistic process, in the past and present works of the artists and in the individuals themselves.

Together the ResCen artists represent decades of knowledge, skills, craft and experience and Transformation plays a key role in the making of their work. In this seminar the artist-researchers will be joined by Adrian Rifkin. Adrian and those attending, will debate the issues arising from considerations of Transformation."

Entrance is free but its advisable to book a place in advance. To reserve a place contact ResCen.

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:: Sunday, October 19, 2003 ::
Here are the latest additions to the New Media Fix:

banffcentre.ca is an artist residency operating in Canada.

hz-journal.org is an online resource presenting critical writings.

The recommended fix for this week is newcat.org
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