:: Saturday, May 01, 2004 ::

If anyone is interested in a personal weblog with international authority, make sure to check out Lev Manovich's front page. Also, his recommended links on the right offer a range of material that crosses over design and art.
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:: Thursday, April 29, 2004 ::
For those of you who have not yet had an opportunity to check it out, Furtherfield.org features a review on the work of NAR's own Peter Luining. The commentary by Nancy Mauro-Flude touches on the hypnotic grace and enigma of Luining's work 7.7
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The Art Projects Network, in partnership with Helena Drnovsek-Zorko, will deliver a program of events that will be lead by the bringing of the Slovenian Art Collective Neue Slowenische Kunst [NSK] to Dublin, as part of the EU Enlargement celebrations. Please utilize the NSK website for additional information on events and the operation and location of its "passport office."

"NSK (Neue Slowenische Kunst) is the world's first universal state. It is
larger than the European Union, more powerful than NATO, more populous than
the Vatican. NSK has established a territory without geographical, national
or cultural borders.

The NSK State is installed in a real social and political space as a
sculpture comprising the body warmth, spirit and work of its members. NSK
confers the status of a state not upon territory but upon the mind, whose
borders are in a state of flux, in accordance with the movements and changes
of its symbolic and physical collective body. The project comments on
political developments in ex-Yugoslavia in a specific way, representing an
alternative to the political fixations on territories, ethnic groups and
borders that gained strength since the beginning of the 1990's."

On April 29th 2004 NSK will establish a passport office for the issue of NSK
State Passports. As well as issuing NSK State Passports, the office will
display and provide of information concerning NSK and the individual groups
that constitute the NSK state. This will take place in Project Arts Centre,
Temple Bar, Dublin 1, Ireland

The opening event will take place on April 29th 2004 @ 6pm

The Passport Office will remain open until May 3rd 2004

Further information can be found at

by phoning Noel Kelly on +353 (0)86 2471114
email: noel.kelly@artprojectsnetwork.net

Funded by the Slovenian Ministry of Culture, and the Slovenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with support from The Project Arts Centre.
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:: Wednesday, April 28, 2004 ::
VPAR/VPNA is an online exhibit focusing and depending on "meta." What I mean by this is that the project consists of artists/critics/curators selecting online art that they find appealing; this means that the exhibit is mainly about the selection process to contextualize the artworks, the artworks are the reason for the "meta." The exhibit becomes more interesting when one realizes that some of the artists' works are dependent of metalanguage as well. The end result is running signifiers which function most efficiently on the web.
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:: Monday, April 26, 2004 ::
Visit (or revisit) DJ Spooky's MOCA commission Errata Erratum. A strange homage to Duchamp that falls more on the side of pastiche than appropriation.

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Furtherfield has a new set of reviews, make sure to check it out.

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As I previously commented on the preview of Pause, I am pleased to write that the exhibit is now up and running online.

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