:: Friday, June 25, 2004 ::

Acid-Free Bits by Nick Montfort and Noah Wardrip-Fruin can be found at the Electronic Literature Organization site. The document proposes a set of guidelines and considerations for creators of electronic writing. The hope is to find an approach that will help ease the possible loss of works that use technology destined for obsolescence. Acid-Free Bits is part of ELO's continuing project called X-Lit that seeks a standard of preservation grounded in XML. Future plans include a site where authors can communicate and contribute to the preservation effort.

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The French x-arn.org have created a metablog called artnode. This metablog catches feeds from the following art- and art related mailinglists and blogs: artinfo, asco-o, eu-gene, spectre, syndicate, thingist, xchange, bek, coin-op, community intelligence, Discordia, Etoy, eyebeam, Locative Network, MTAA, NetArtReview, Newsgrist, rhizome texts, Rhizome Net Art News, runme, Stunned, del.icio.art, del.icio.net.art.


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:: Thursday, June 24, 2004 ::
Visit Camworld.com, one of the earliest blogs online, going back to 1997. Scroll down and on the left column you will find the original "blog roll." These are supposed to be some of the earliest blogs online.
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Today I recommend Jimpunk's Web TV, a weblog emphasizing the extended influence of TV media on the web. The project has been going on for some time now, and the amount of graphics archived may turn out to be one of the most ambitious and interesting online projects commenting on blogging culture.
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:: Wednesday, June 23, 2004 ::
Turbulence in the last few weeks released projects by Lewis LaCook, Ben Gaulon, and Miranda & Newmark.

Also Low-fi currently features "Broken Histories," a selection of internet histories.

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For an update on the CAE (Critical Art Ensemble) situation, like before, check out their defense fund website. The latest news is that their book publishing company autonomedia.org has been subpoenaed as well.

I also recommend reading up on the current situation of writers in Cuba. Coco Fusco recently wrote a very compelling commentary explaining why, even though she supports Cuban culture, she will no longer support the Cuban government by visiting the island.

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:: Tuesday, June 22, 2004 ::
Astas Romas is organizing the first edition of the "International Festival of Electronic Art 404", to be held at the Juan B. Castagnino Museum of Art and CEC, in Rosario, Argentina on December 7-12, 2004. "Our aim is to open up a debate on the subject of electronic art, contemporary art and the Internet by inviting artists and theorists around the world to join us either by sending their work or attending this event." Authors may participate in the following areas: net-art, website, static image, animation, video, electronic music, theory, installation, performance and any other proposals made by the authors.
Deadline is September 30, 2004.
More information can be found at:

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:: Monday, June 21, 2004 ::
No-org.net have launched their second net.art exhibition under the theme video/net/art (residing at the url video/net/art on their domain no-org.net much like their last exhibition no/copy/right). While thematically less successful than their debut exhibition (in this writers opinion), well let's be honest video / net.art was never going to be easy one, it certain deserves a look to familiarize yourself with some interesting works new and old. It's an unusual collection with works ranging from those that fit right in there like David Crawford's Stop Motion Studies to works which have only vague connections with video net.art such as Scott Draves Electric Sheep, more closely connected to emergent technologies or A.I. (yes that mystic art of Artificial Intelligence!).

Honestly I'm a little disappointed not to see works such as Peter Horvath's video net.art, Flyingpuppets Somnabules, onewordmovie, Brooke A. Knight's An hour of your time or Thompson & Craighead's Template Cinema (although that is still in beta version - video art in beta version?!).

No-org.net would like to take the oppertunity to make a call for proposals for the next project data/reference/art - deadline 25th. of August. For more information please see the site.

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Ana Carvalho’s net art piece, My Diamonds are Forever, explores the relationships and connections that people have to one another via this interactive website and an accompanying installation piece.

The imagery, sounds, and surprising animation snibbits, photo sequences, and scrollers all make for an interesting and poetic experience. There is no linear sequence, so wherever you click causes the images and sounds to shuffle together and create a unique narrative for each viewer. We are not meant to know which gender we are dealing with and therefore are free to draw our own conclusions and interpretations.

When I first saw the piece I mainly thought I was experiencing a female character who was co-dependent and insecure. I felt a sense of desperation. I do believe that this piece could be pushed further so that more of the artist’s conceptual intentions are realized. Perhaps more content, more emotions explored, more emphasis on gender ambiguity…

I thought the visuals that change towards the bottom of the screen were beautifully crafted, well timed, and gorgeous. The visuals at the top are a little jaggy with white pixel halos on some pictures. "My Diamonds Are Forever" as well as Ana Carvalho’s other works would be better served if we could navigate more easily between them.

Overall, I was intrigued but felt like I wanted to see more. I would be very interested however to see this same project as a full installation that one could walk through.

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