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Steve Kurtz not interested in plea over bio-materials.
The artist has pleaded innocent to mail fraud and wire fraud charges filed against him last month. July 28, 2004, 4:19 PM EDT, on Newsday.com
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Soundtoys is seeking new work for the 2004 series of events and for the website. It has secured a series of exhibitions for interactive audio visual art and net art for later in the year. These venues include The Watershed Media Centre in Bristol and Dana Centre London. A CD is planned, (subject to funding), representing audio visual art and media 1998-2004. Soundtoys is looking for contributions of audio visual interactive works, net art, music and art software, generative music, interactive environments, essays. Work will be featured on the website and selected works made into offline presentations at selected galleries.

Visit website for submission specifics or email for details:

web and info www.soundtoys.net
email: 2004@soundtoys.net

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:: Thursday, July 29, 2004 ::
New Siratori hyper literary work

by Kenji Siratori
ISBN: 0-595-32545-9


Body]]cold-blooded disease animals fear*artificial sun of electron like the
cell that glitters the love that got deranged....that basement chromosome
went mad program the speed mutation of the ADAM doll suck blood stick
of the machine=angel brain of B to asphalt-our beat,ANDROID that I was
isolated scream,reality desire/despair that cancels the soul-machine of the
angel mechanism to the love and cause a murder memory to our excited
the ganglion that was paralyzed the pupil/mask of the gimmick girl that burn
up to bioless sky of blue, it respires the era furthermore....to the brain of
the rhythm without the reproduction. ::the digital vampire of solitude::(auto technology artificial ant that transfers the coordinates of suicide tripped were mapped)....fear-. The internal organ=consciousness miracle of season girl/speed that stimulate a control impossible brain cell invade into the net of digital vampire CUBE replicated awoke! And the artificial sun respires murderously........the lower part. Produced....clone boys/memory=second of the sun that shuts out insanity cyberBuddha of the chromosome to over there. I fabricate the apoptosis of T....

for book information

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G'day! Net Art Review - Here is a plug for 'ylem -artists using science and technology' a network of computer artists now in its 23rd year. Epicenter: Bay Area, California. Ylem creates a quarterly mail-out newsletter, a monthly free forum at the Exploratorium in San Francisco, and numerous other exhibits, web projects and excursions to new media labs, museums,and scientific research centres. Ylem is a creative community for computer artists using science and technology and some good people to know if you are traveling to Northern California. Please check out ylem's website

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On 21 August 2004 from 6 - 10 pm, the Long Beach artist group, FLOOD is organizing the first annual SoundWalk event. SoundWalk is a day of installation of works by over 30 Southern California sound artists in a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces throughout downtown Long Beach, California This event, conceived of as a variation on the more common concept of the public ArtWalk, hopes to provide an environmental experience, which alters the participants' perception of their sense of being in a familiar spaces, and rethinking their sensory engagement within those spaces. In contrast to indoor art installations which are seen and experienced as separate from our daily routines, these sound-installations, "function in concert with the sounds of the city, thus adding, altering and intermingling with the customary. The outdoor locations keep the ordinary din of the city in the extra-ordinary event. The viewer may thus perceive common occurrences in startling new ways."

The artist group, FLOOD has been working together on projects successfully for the last two years. FLOOD is interested in testing the limits of artistic expression through collaboration and experimentation within a variety of artistic genres.

Soundwalk 2004 Artists, Performers
Alan Nakagawa, Albert Ortega, j. frede, James Adams, Jeremy Drake Kadet Kuhne, Kate Harding, Leticia Castaneda, Loren Nerell, Mitchell Brown, Noah Thomas, Phaul, S.E. Barnet & Hilary Mushkin, Sander Wolff, Shelley RuggThorp, smgs, apSpastic Colon, Steven Soria, Sumako, Surrealestate, Yong Soon Min & Allan de Souza

Visit soundwalk.org to learn more about SoundWalk 2004
Email: soundwalk2004@yahoo.com
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Selected News

myDoom worm hits the Internet. It recently slowed down search engines including Yahoo! and Google. Another take

What's up with the new Intel chip?

E-mail goes wireless. Got you pocket PC?

Bagalore vs. Silicon, a new stage in globalization?

Get your webcam freak-on a la mail fraud.

What's up with Hackers (via Slashdot)
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:: Wednesday, July 28, 2004 ::
What is the state of blogging? Where is it going? How is it affecting online communities? These are some of the questions that may come up for users on the current most popular technology for online publishing. In their short history blogs have been personal online diaries, but in recent times it is those with critical specificity that have become more highly regarded. A brand new blog worth visiting often is Networked Performance brought to us by Turbulence. It offers news and comments on recent and upcoming events. Another blog that is a meta-blog, (all blogs are meta-blogs really), which emphasizes the recycling of information as a somewhat curatorial practice, is reblog sponsored by eyebeam. This blog offers the comments of a guest blogger, or reblogger, as they call her, for the length of a month or so.

For those who think that blogs are recent technology, think again; they have been around for quite sometime, since at least 1997. For a concise history of this, read Rebecca Blood's short history of blogging. And if you want to learn more on the subject log on to a set of links at PBS Media Matters.
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:: Tuesday, July 27, 2004 ::
The Netherlands Media Art Institute presents the exhibition 'Channel Zero' curated by Katerina Gregos (GR)

The artists participating in Channel Zero make art that responds to the culture of violence that surrounds us and explore representations of violence in the media, entertainment industry or society in general to analyze, undermine, deconstruct or simply critique them. They examine the social, political, and cultural as well as the personal aspects of violence through film, video, photography, digital media and the Internet. In many ways, this is an exhibition about media using new media.

28 August – 23 October 2004
Opening 27 August  17.00 - 19.00

Participating Artists: Sergei Bugaev Afrika (RU), Maja Bajevic ( F/BA), Marc Bijl (NL), Heather Burnett (UK), Ritsaert Ten Cate (NL), Nikos Charalambidis (CY), David Claerbout (B), Christophe Draeger (CH), Rainer Ganahl (A), Kendell Geers (SA), Kostas Ioannides (GR),  Katarzyna Kozyra (PL), Boris Mikhailov (RU), Elahe Massumi (IR), Personal Cinema (International), Francesco Simeti (I), Eliezer Sonnenschein (IL), Lina Theodorou (GR), Palle Torsson (S), Simone Zaugg (CH)

For more information contact Marieke Istha.

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Selected News

TV vs. Video games? What young boys prefer (what about women?)

Ready to call anywhere around the world for two cents a minute? Here's another take.

Communication is definitely going mobile. MP3 players are now part of Men's jackets.

Google has a price now.

It's the battle of the i and the pod.
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