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"Flash in the Can" - Jared Tarbell is one of the speakers

I hesitated to post a piece on the upcoming "flash in the can" event in Canada... But only until I noticed "Jared Tarbell" among the names of speakers. Tarbell is the co-author of "Fresh Flash: New Design Ideas", "Flash Math Creativity", "The Hidden Power of Flash Components", among other books, is a guarantee of a fresh and creative approach to this application, which has too often misused in endless loaders and excrucianting splash pages... His finest work can be seen here(and experimented with, as Tarbell is an advocate of open source):http://www.levitated.net.

As for "Flash in the can", here is the site: http://www.flashinthecan.com/

It's happening in 4 cities in Canada, during the month of October - registration is on.

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:: Friday, September 10, 2004 ::
Listening to sound coming from space and capturing signals that emanate from stars and planets: this up to now was the domain of science. Today it becomes the object of an aesthetical experience aimed at pleasing the ear. From radio telescopes to media players on ours PCs, the sound of stars is today audible by everyone. Radio Astronomy in fact is a project by New Zealander artists Radioqualia that broadcasts the sounds of the cosmos through the Web (the streaming was launched the 5th of this month) and through sound installations produced at ISEIA2004 and at ARS Electronica.

Recently the New Scientist announced that some mysterious sounds coming from far away could be attributed to extraterrestrial forms of life. However this news was denied by the scientists involved in the search for extraterrestrial intelligence – the SETI@home project.

Daniele Balit

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:: Thursday, September 09, 2004 ::
A hacker is caught--synonyms of sabotage.

The return of the analog in a digital age-- get your fetish freak-on.

Servers go virtual.

Blogging can be dangerous for your day-job.

Latin America's Tele-com market.

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:: Wednesday, September 08, 2004 ::
And because yesterday was Brazil Independence Day... here is an article on Brazilian digital art - first in English and then in Portuguese:

The "Moinho Novo Rebouças" (an old windmill in Curitiba, Brazil, remodeled in 2001) presented "Continuum" from August 5 to 7, a show of digital art including virtual architecture, dance and electronic music. The digital art show includes works presented during "Loading" a festival that took place last year in Morelia, Mexico.

Mariana Branco, from the Brazilian city of Curitiba was in charge of selecting the Brazilian digital artists that would integrate "Continuum". Mariana was one of the Brazilian artists in the "Loading" Festival ("Loading" is also the name of the digital art show of Continuum, at the Moinho Novo Rebouças.

Here is some more about Mariana Branco: she produced several films and documentaries and studied in Film Schools in Cuba and in the US - an explosive and promising combination! Visit Mariana's site.

Aqui fica um pouco do trabalho de Mariana Branco: Mariana Branco e' autora de filmes e documentários tendo estudado em Escolas de CInema em Cuba e nos Eua - uma combinação explosiva e prometedora!:) Visite o site de Mariana:

Mariana's research deals with what she calls "Virtual Ludicity" that she defines as the "poetics of the open work of art as 'ludic' element of society in virtual environments". (my, imperfect, translation). "Ludico" is a term of difficult translation to English but that we - Portuguese native speakers - often use to express that which is playful, and/or relative to "game" while intrinsic to human behavior.


O Moinho Novo Rebouças (antigo moinho em Curitiba, remodelado em 2001) apresentou, nos passados dias 5, 6 e 7 de Agosto a mostra de arte digital “CONTINUUM”, a qual incluiu arquitetura virtual, dança e música eletrônica. No que diz respeito 'a mmostra de arte digital, o Continuum reúniu trabalhos apresentados no "Loading", um festival aque aconteceu no ano passado em Morélia, no México.

A curitibana Mariana Branco foi encarregue de seleccionar artistas brasileiros para o projeto Continuum e foi ela propria uma das artistas presentes no festival "Loading" (esse foi tambem o nome dado 'a componente de mostra digital no Moinho Novo Rebouças.

Aqui fica um pouco do trabalho de Mariana Branco: Mariana Branco e' autora de filmes e documentários tendo estudado em Escolas de CInema em Cuba e nos Eua - uma combinação prometedora!:) Visite o site de Mariana:

A pesquisa de Mariana tem que ver com o que ela chama de "Ludicidarte Virtual" e que define como "a poética da obra de arte aberta como elemento lúdico da sociedade no ambiente virtual".

Ana Boa-Ventura
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:: Monday, September 06, 2004 ::
Dear readers,

We are currently having problems uploading new material. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please visit us soon as we are looking into this problem.
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