:: Thursday, November 11, 2004 ::

Selected News

Microsoft joins the search party--Google and Yahoo watch out!

Firefox reevaluated--Microsoft worried(?)

Skype and Siemens team-up to take on the mobile internet market.

Trojan Horses now hitting mobile phones--Now SPAM can be a phone call.

Mobile Phone Technology in the UK: Got Internet? Not enough? Modafone is here.

Just can't get enough on cell phone technology. Israel is game.

iTunes and France: How they dance to the music.

:: Eduardo Navas [+] ::
:: Wednesday, November 10, 2004 ::
We don't see enough performative / live based work on or using the network and less still which is sited in the 'real' world but reliant on the 'virtual' in some way. This is a real surprise seeing as one of the strong points of the network is its possibility to give a sense of immediacy. Not alone can the network be used to see actions occurring, but it can also be used to instigate those actions and this can be be from the 'virtual' to the 'real' or vice-versa.

True most net.art is interactive and so live for the user but only as a closed system, inputs and their parameters are predefined meaning their output is within an anticipated framework. There is seldom influence outside of that framework nor is it seen by simultaneous users. Open systems, precisely what art used to be heavily reliant on via audience interaction / reaction etc., is rare these days.

Ballettikka Internettikka is a work to be performed by Igor Stromajer & Brane Zorman which will take place on Saturday 13/11/2004 at 20:00 (GMT+1) that is very much a performance based work which uses and broadcasts on networks.

Essentially "Stromajer and Zorman are going to operate remote-controlled toy-ballet-robots, MC Brane is going to conduct a wireless MP3 orchestra!" during an invasion of a famous theatre / ballet / opera house somewhere in Europe. This is not the first time the two artists have done such an invasion. After creating a similar impromptu performance at the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow, March, 2002 the artists are developing the work further through extended use of networks. Hi-tech mobile and wireless equipment will be employed for the invasion and live broadcasting over the internet which starts at 20:00 (GMT+1) sharp from their website. Be sure not to miss what will undoubtedly be an unusual performance!

:: Garrett Lynch [+] ::
:: Tuesday, November 09, 2004 ::
Dorkbot Ghent (Belgium) looks to be interesting this month (friday coming - 12/11/04) with two presentations given by Martin Kaltenbrunner on his ReacTable and LAb[au] on their sPACE, navigable music.

"sPACE, Navigable Music' investigates the impact of IC technologies and particularly, 3D Real Time technologies in the construct of space. According to the objectives of lab|au| the project constitutes as much a space for theoretical research as a space of experimentation on the forms of spatial, visual and sonic interactions in networked environments. The project thus explores the setting of hypermedia environments and mixed reality spaces combining architecture, music and cinema through users interactions - navigation within the digital matrix."

sPACE, Navigable Music is not a new project and has been mentioned here before but the event is definitely worth a visit if your in the area and unfamiliar with LAb[au]'s work in architecture / urbanism / new media. As with all Dorkbot events, entrance is free, please see the site for details of time and address.

:: Garrett Lynch [+] ::
:: Monday, November 08, 2004 ::
If you're in Lisbon this week don't miss the ongoing festival and the conference on Friday and Saturday 12th and 13th - what is on the agenda is the articulation of new media with one of the most beautiful cities in the world (well... it's true!)

November 12th and 13th
Centro Cultural de Belém

for more details visit the official site


Em português:
(transcricao do site oficial):

Conferência internacional - "Gazing at Lisbon - Lisbon's cityscape. New media: frontiers and strategies"
November 12th and 13th
Centro Cultural de Belém

Ouve-se com frequência que há uma nova cultura dos "media" a difundir-se actualmente e a despertar muitas atenções. Mas o que mudou afinal em Portugal e no mundo em termos dos "novos media"? Será que já reconhecemos esta nova cultura dos "media" como uma área relevante para as actividades culturais e para a sociedade? Em muitos países, as políticas culturais relacionadas com a arte dos novos "media" prosseguem rapidamente o seu desenvolvimento e expansão. Quanto às políticas nacionais no nosso país, qual é o ponto de situação e visarão elas o desenvolvimento dos novos "media"?
É já emergente a ideia de que os novos "media" proporcionam oportunidades inovadoras, bem como grandes possibilidades para a construção de um compromisso activo e participado. Em termos sociais e educacionais, pode o público empenhar-se criativamente com as novas formas dos "media"? Será que aproveitamos as novas oportunidades para incitar investimentos e desenvolver parcerias? Como levar a cabo uma construção eficaz, servindo-se tanto dos recursos, como dos talentos e ideias existentes, ao mesmo tempo que se assegura a criação de uma estrutura nacional para o desenvolvimento e apoio de práticas, participações e oportunidades a diferentes níveis e em variados contextos geográficos?
Esperamos sinceramente que, ao longo deste debate, surjam muitas sugestões relativamente ao desenvolvimento das políticas culturais nesta área, tanto a nível nacional como europeu, sustentadas não só em aspirações idealizadas, mas acima de tudo, que adoptem uma perspectiva positiva no desenvolvimento dos novos "media".

:: ana boa-ventura [+] ::
:: Sunday, November 07, 2004 ::
Selected News

p2p and student life.

Linux and Novell team up.

The Spyware Epidemic.

Bill Gates on to conquer TV.

Spain and the most powerful computer.

English spoken here...
:: Eduardo Navas [+] ::
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