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MISSION TO EARTH (Soft Cinema Edition)
A Media Installation by Lev Manovich
Exhibit In The Project Room @ Chelsea Art Museum
January 8 – 26, 2004

The Official Release Presentation of a new DVD by Lev Manovich and Andreas Kratky
Soft Cinema: Navigating The Database (The MIT Press, 2005)

Opening and Panel at Chelsea Art Museum SATURDAY January 8, 2:00 - 4:30 PM
Lev Manovich, associate professor of new media, University of California, San Diego
Christiane Paul, adjunct new media curator, Whitney Museum of American Art
Barbara London, curator, video and digital media, Museum of Modern Art
Sue Hubbard, art critic, Independent Newspaper, London
Ken Feinstein, artist/professor of experimental video

The Project Room @ Chelsea Art Museum

Soft Cinema Project: www.softcinema.net
Complete text used in Mission to Earth is available at www.softcinema.net/

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:: Friday, December 31, 2004 ::
The new year is coming and as Contributing Editor I would like to take the time to focus on Net Art Review's collaborators. I want to thank the netKru for keeping up the energy for the last two years. I want to particularly thank Lora McPhail for her fine job as Editor-in-Chief during the last year and three months; the site has greatly improved its quality under her guidance. The netKru has changed since NAR was founded in February of 2003. The current netKru is perhaps the most diverse up to date; just one of the many hints of where we hope to go in the near future as an international collaboration.

Thank you netKru.

And we are:
Lora McPhail -- Editor in Chief (Los Angeles, CA, US)

Eduardo Navas -- Founder/Contributing Editor/ Webmaster (Los Angeles/San Diego, CA, US)
Yong S. Kim -- Copy Editor (Los Angeles, CA, US)
Garrett Lynch -- Information Architecture Developer/Contributing Writer (Kent, UK)
Garland Kirkpatrick -- Design Consultant (Santa Monica, CA, US)

Daniele Balit (Rome, IT/Paris, FR)
Ana Boa-Ventura [e-mail], (Austin, TX, US)
Linda Carroli (Brisbane, AU)
Nicholas Economos (Alfred, NY, US)
Molly Hankwitz (Brisbane, AU/San Francisco, US)
Peter Luining (Amsterdam, NL)
Francesca De Nicolò (Rome, IT)
Ignacio Nieto (Santiago, CL)
Kristen Palana (New Jersey, US)
Isabel Saij (Cologne, GE/Paris, FR)
Ludmil Trenkov (Pasadena, CA, US)
Ana Valdés (Sweden)

Furtherfield.org (London, UK)
Evelyne Rogue - artcogitans.com (Paris, FR)

Happy New Year!
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:: Thursday, December 30, 2004 ::
"War-making is one of the few activities that people are not supposed to view 'realistically;' that is, with an eye to expense and practical outcome. In all-out war, expenditure is all-out, unprudent - war being defined as an emergency in which no sacrifice is excessive." Susan Sontag (1933-2004)

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Em português: "Les Lundis Arts, Cultures, et Medias numeriques" na Sorbonne

No dia 3 de Janeiro, a Sorbonne quase encerra a sua excelente série "Les Lundis Arts, Cultures, et Medias numeriques", desta vez com o tópico "NET ART : Esthétique, Expériences, Perspectives". Os artistas convidados são Annie Abrahams (« Being human »), Christophe Bruno ( « Le Google Adwords Happening »), e Timothée Rolin (« ADaM »).
E' já esta segunda-feira, 3 de Janeiro, das 19:30 as 21:30, no Anfiteatro Lefevre, na Sorbonne, Paris.

The excellent series "Mondays of the Arts, Cultures, and Numeric Medias" at the Sorbonne, in Paris is about to wrap up. This Monday Jan. 3, the topic is "Net Art: Asthetics, Experiences, Perspectives". The speakers will be Annie Abrahams (« Being human »), Christophe Bruno ( « Le Google Adwords Happening »), and Timothée Rolin (« ADaM »).
Monday, Jan. 3, 7:3-pm-9:30pm, "Lefevre" amphitheater, Sorbonne, Paris.

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For those who may have missed recent releases of online projects, here are a few:

Your computer is my artwork: workz.bobig.com/

Pac Mondrian is making the rounds: pac-mondrian

New work by Lewsi LaCook and Michael Kapalin: theBearDIVX

New material at Hz Journal: hz-journal.org

Stuttgart 1960. Computers in Theory and Art symposium: akademie-solitude.de/stuttgart

philippe boisnard's new year videopoetry: homepage.mac.com/

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:: Tuesday, December 28, 2004 ::

MECHALUST: robot love, automated lovers, machine desire
with Linda Erceg, Kirsty Boyle, Sumguy and Tesuto Takahashi
Curated by Thea Baumann

Straight Out of Brisbane festival, 2004, December 5-8
Institute of Modern Art, Visible Ink, T C Bierne Centre
Brisbane, Australia

MECHALUST, opening December 5th at SOOB 2004 as part of the New Media Program of Straight Out of Brisbane festival, the emerging independent arts festival of Brisbane, Australia is an ambitious presentation of 4 unique artists whose art expresses a lively remix of gender, love, lust, hope and cynicism.

Projected satirical game mods (Erceg/AUS), projected stills of orgasmic CG machines(Tesuto Takahashi/JAP),"Blue Wander" e-Motion Comix (SumGuy/USA) and digital prints of hacked toys and a hacked toy exhibit(Boyle/AUS) spin narrative porn and game elements into clever and surprisingly funny dimensions, or in the case of Erceg's "Punch Line" (2002), oversized 3D virtual men and women masturbating to party talk and sex jokes in a cacophonous accompanying soundtrack in which no one ever climaxes, deal critically with unsocial aspects of our techno-sexuality.

From multiple literary, visual and audial perspectives,MECHALUST touches numerous aesthetic, political and social concerns within the very ordinary, very "white", ever-widening new media arts culture. MECHALUST is an interesting cross-section of techno-narratives and cyberbodies in a compact and well-conceived whole.



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:: Monday, December 27, 2004 ::
Feeling the holiday blues? Feel critical of the tradition? Feel like like... just check the goods starring NYC based Artists T.Whid: Holiday Video.

Selected News

The tale of two engines: "Instead of building processors with a single core to handle calculations, designers will place two or more computing engines on a single chip. They won't run as fast as single-engine models, but they won't require as much power, either, and will be able to handle more work at once."

Linux and Microsoft, pros and cons: "A number of personal-computer manufacturers, notably Hewlett-Packard Co. (HPQ.N: Quote, Profile, Research) , have begun offering Linux PCs. But so far consumers have been slow to accept Linux, mostly because they do not want to bother learning a new system."

Next Generation Internet happens in China: "CERNET2 is the biggest next-generation Internet network in operation in the world and connects 25 universities in 20 cities. The speed in the backbone network reaches 2.5 to 10 gigabits per second and connects the universities at a speed of 1 to 10 gigabits per second."

More on Windows Flaws: "In overflow vulnerabilities, storage areas in a computer's memory are exceeded, allowing random data or malicious code to be placed on the computer when certain types of data are used to flood the memory buffer."

Hackers play a role during the holidays: "Seasonal attacks start around Thanksgiving, when online shopping begins an annual spike and marketers pummel consumers with junk e-mail — from the perfect stocking stuffer for a balding spouse to a limited-offer holiday cruise."

Top Computer scientists are to meet in the middle of next year to examine the calculations of a super computer performing 3-D animations of atomic explosions: "CNN+. Utilizando un ordenador capaz de realizar 360.000 billones de cálculos por segundo, los científicos del Laboratorio Nacional de Lawrence Livermore simularán la explosión de una antigua bomba nuclear en tres dimensiones."

In the U.S. 57% use cell phone, a close percentage to Jamaica's 54%. Japan's usage is 105% and Taiwan 110%: "En comparación, en Hong Kong hay 105.75 suscriptores a la telefonía celular por cada 100 habitantes. En Taiwán, hay 110."

Slate's deal worth 15-20 Mil: "Le rachat a été estimé à quelque 15 à 20 millions de dollars par les experts. Slate rejoint donc la filiale Internet du groupe, Washington Post Newsweek Interactive, qui gère les sites du Washington Post et de Newsweek."
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