:: Thursday, January 13, 2005 ::

Selected News

Two big cracks at the beginning of this year have nothing to do with worms or viruses: "The two hacks in the news today -- one at a Northern Virginia's largest university and the other at a major wireless phone firm -- didn't involve computer worms or viruses, but they once again heightened concerns about the problem of identity theft and the growing sophistication of online criminals."

The ups and downs of XML--Traffic Jams/sluggish are some the terms used to describe its performance: "Like any technology problem that can be addressed by standards, this one appears to involve several opinions -- including those of XML thought leaders at Microsoft, Adobe, and IBM -- that will have to be normalized into a single specification before a standard can be considered. The process takes time. "

p2p technology developers battle copyright issues: "The technology in question is "hashing," a way to assign a unique tag, also called a "hash," to a digital file. File-sharing software uses hashing to process user requests for specific songs. Altnet claims it has rights to the technology, and is demanding that services buy licenses for it."

If you use Gmail, then your messages may have been received by someone else: "The problem appears to be caused by a missing ">" character in the formatting of the "From" fields generated by the group's Perl script. "This, apparently, was enough to get GMail to provide us with some portion of someone else's messages," HBX members wrote in their analysis on Wednesday."

New cell phone are motion sensitive: "The user can draw an 'O' or'X' in the air with the phone, which will recognize it and respond with a voice message 'ye'" or 'no.' Move the phone sharply to the right and the selection on the MP3 play function will move to the next tune on the list; move it to the left, and the selection will back up one number."

Apple and Google are to compete for the preservation of digital media: "The two companies will be competing to be in control of the next generation of digital media life, when entertainment and information from personal computers is blended with broadcast and cable signals onto a single screen."

Apple is accused of being irresponsible to the environment; critics claim that it is behind Dell in recycling strategies: "Apple puede hacerlo mucho mejor. Está muy por detrás de Dell y Hewlett-Packard", señala Schneider, quien también ha recordado que la compañía sí recicla gratis en Japón y en Europa."

Long Distance calling is affected in Colombiy by mobile technology. More and more people are using cell phones and this is affecting one of the main telephone companies in the nation: "El segmento de llamadas internacionales representa un 30 por ciento y es el que mantiene vivo este mercado, debido a la reducción de tarifas que vienen haciendo los operadores desde el año pasado y a las campañas para incentivar el uso de este sistema de comunicación."

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:: Tuesday, January 11, 2005 ::
Additions to the newMedia_fix

Bitforms: A gallery representing artists associated with new media.

Crossfade: Online resource focusing on "sounds as an artistic medium."

encart: "European Network for Cyberart."

Faces-l.net: A mailing lists for women in media, active since 1997.

Nabi: Art Center in Korea supporting New Media in the arts.

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:: Monday, January 10, 2005 ::
Selected News

Yet more security holes in Internet Explorer: "The company does not disclose the nature of the vulnerabilities it is patching, but there are well over three Windows vulnerabilities already broadly known on the Internet, some of which have working exploits available, for which patches are not available."

Will Apple's market expand? Speculations arise based on their upcoming $500 computer: "Could Apple stuff enough features and style into a $500 PC to maintain its hard-won brand as an innovation leader? For such a product to generate meaningful profits, Apple would need to sell millions of them, says NPD's Baker."

Singing out of tune, Apple is sued for unfair competition: "SAN FRANCISCO -- Thomas William Slattery has filed a class action suit against Apple Computer in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California, alleging Apple is guilty of violating federal antitrust laws and California's unfair competition law by requiring users who buy music from the ITunes Music Store to use an IPod if they plan to take their music on the road with them. "

Schools in the United States are running behind in computer technology--Students are more savvy than their teachers: "[...]Yet students of almost any age are far ahead of their teachers in computer literacy, according to the report, which is based on comments from thousands of students, teachers, administrators and education groups. Students say they see this knowledge gap daily."

Bill Gates tentatively comments on the "New communists" How did creative commons get into the picture? "Il n'y a jamais eu aussi peu de communistes aujourd'hui dans le monde constate-t-il avant de déplorer l'existence de certains communistes d'un genre nouveau, cachés sous différents masques, qui veulent se débarrasser des mesures incitatives dont bénéficient les musiciens, les cinéastes et les créateurs de logiciels."

Mobile Satellite Television is being developed in Korea. Commercial release due out in four months: "Le système qui fonctionne à titre d'essai avant son lancement commercial dans quatre mois permet aux utilisateurs de mobiles de regarder des programmes en haute définition grâce à une technologie mise au point par le Japonais Toshiba."

The Opera Browser for Linux may be short on features, Windows has the feature advantage: "Opera n’a pas indiqué si les fonctionnalités de pilotage à la voix annoncées sur Opera pour Windows seront implémentées sur la version Linux."

Fotos found in the WTC ruins will be published publicly on an online resource. Kodak restored the images: "Las fotos fueron recogidas después de inspecconar más de 1,6 millones de toneladas de escombros acumulados en un campo de Staten Island, y restauradas de manera gratuita por trabajadores de la firma Eastman Kodak." English release here.

The most accurate map of the earth up-to-date has been finished by NASA. The map should help in dealing with natural disasters, like the recent tsunami: "[...]el investigador Michael Kobrick, responsable científico de esta misión en el Jet Propulsion Laboratory de la NASA, precisa que la información topográfica obtenida puede ser muy importante en el futuro para mitigar los efectos de desastres naturales, como el devastador tsunami que ha causado decenas de miles de muertos en once países del Océano Índico."


Doron Golan currently featured in a new online resource:

is proud to launch a new site named "Project Features"
which will feature during 2005 each month another extraordinary art project which uses net based media for artistic expression.

The first issue
of January 2005 --> Doron Golan (USA) and his streaming video "Tale of Crow" (2004) duration: 4 min. require: quicktime and broadband recommended. --->
"Tale of Crow" is a portrait of a man and his crow.
Shot in Israel, the movie uses vocabulary of 'cinema vérité'
and attempts to fuse divergent cultural imagery.
The movie features a conversation- dialogue about the crow
and speaks Hebrew with English subtitles.

About the artist:
Doron Golan was born in Israel and has been living and working in New York. Doron has worked in dv, computer animation and media. Doron's work is concern with aesthetics of codec and streaming media and engaged in presentation of events-phenomenas. Studied fine arts in Haifa University, Israel, The Frei Academy of Den-Haag, Holland and The Arts Student League in NY. Doron is the founder of computer fine arts - a netart collection and archive at
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