:: Friday, February 04, 2005 ::

Don't miss Soundscape-fm: BERLIN
Phonographic Migrations #04
, collaboratives field recordings in the city, starting today.

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:: Thursday, February 03, 2005 ::
Brief recommendations from random surfing of familiar and not so familiar material.

Check out the extensive Fin del Mundo Website (in Spanish), those who only speak English will not be able to understand textual information, but the aesthetics of the projects come through.

In particular, El Diario del Nino Burbuja (Bubbleboy's Diary) by Belén Gache, a 100 day blog carefully combining image and text.

Cyberzoo by Gustavo Romano, a webproject presenting pseudo viruses.

Pocketlog, also by Gustavo Romano; here, the artist empties his pockets at the end of the day and takes a picture of the things. The photograph is then uploaded to his daily blog.
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:: Wednesday, February 02, 2005 ::
"88 de 14.000" - Alice Miceli, Brasil
In Portuguese/Em Portugues

(read below for English version)

Vejo a net art review como uma oportunidade de dar a conhecer, a proposito de apresentacoes em festivais, artistas que muitos desconhecerao e comecar assim hilos ("threads") acerca de outros artistas cujo trabalho eu vejo como articulado. Vejo esses posts tambem como uma oportunidade dar a conhecer *factos* nos casos em que o trabalho tem um referente no real, como e' o caso desse...
Dessa vez quero falar da instalacao video da brasileira Alice Miceli nos dia 4 a 8 de Fevereiro, entre 10 e 22h, na Transmediale.
Retratos de vitimas do regime Cambodjano Pol Pot tiradas no momento da sua entrada num "campo da morte" sao projetadas contra um ecra de areia fluindo (como numa ampulheta). A duracao da peca corresponde ao tempo decorrido entre o emprisionamento e execucao dos prisioneiros.
Acerca do regime Pol Pot leia isto

E' na Transmediale, essa quinta-feira entre 10 e 22.


In English

"88 from 14.000" - Alice Miceli, Brasil

I see net art review as an opportunity to discuss artists that many may not know and in doing so initiating threads about other authors whose work I see as related. I see NAR also as an opportunity to give infor on *facts* when the work has a referent in the "real", as this one definitely has....
I want to talk about the video installlation of Brazilian Alice Miceli, which will be presented on Feb. 4, in the Transmediale, from 10 am to 10pm.
Portraits of victims of the Cambodjan regime Pol pot are projected onto a screen of falling sand. The duration of each projection (B&W photograph) corresponds to the time between arrest and execution.
About Pol Pot read this.

Transmediale, Thursday 2/4: 10 am -10pm.
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If it is true that the environment where one lives has a certain influence on living and working habits and in particular, I believe, on the imaginative faculty, to know what an artist sees out of his window could turn out to be very interesting. Even more so, if associated with the view, there is a sound recording of the landscape, that adds a spatial and temporal depth.

In Window Stand Point Series, artists from different parts of the world have shared their personal view from their windows. And who wishes to contribute can do so by contacting the organizers.

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:: Tuesday, February 01, 2005 ::
Selected News

Google and Apple battling for the heavyweight title of 'most influential brand': "Google, descended to the second position in the latest survey, after having held the top position in the past two years. The respondents were asked which brand had had the most impact on their lives in 2004."

And While Apple is most influential, Al Jazeera also joins the global ranks of branding: "La cadena de televisión árabe, Al Jazeera, se ha convertido en una de las marcas más influyentes del mundo, según el sondeo anual de la revista Brandcha"

19 year old to do 18 months in prison for producing a varian of the blaster worm: "Parson created the W32.Blaster-B worm in August 2003, a few days after the original worm was first set loose on the Internet. He pleaded guilty to the charges in August 2004. The creator of the original worm has not been identified."

Firefox hooks it up, Deux: "Ben Goodger has announced an updated roadmap for Firefox. The update calls for a Developer Preview (Alpha) in March, a Preview Release (Beta) in April and Firefox 1.1 final release in June 2005. See the Firefox 2.0 Roadmap itself for the full details."

A study in San Francisco shows that when it comes to surfing the web, parent are more in tune then their kids. This is due to lack of advanced research skills: "Esta pobre actuación se explica por la deficiente capacidad de lectura de los adolescentes, además de por sus "estrategias de búsqueda poco sofisticadas" y un nivel de paciencia "extremadamente bajo", según Nielsen."

The current state of blogging: Ivan Noble, a journalist who blogged about his cancer since 2002 has now officially closed his blog. The journalist is in the final stages of his disease: "Ce 'journal intime' du net, il l'avait consacré à sa lutte contre le cancer, en quelque sorte un journal de l'extrême. Son blog, il l'a ouvert en septembre 2002 quelques temps après avoir appris qu'il avait une tumeur maligne au cerveau. On pouvait lire alors ces quelques lignes"

Tim Berners Lee, "the creator of the Web" has been named British of 2004, but this is not the first recognition the web-guru has received: "Le titre de "Britannique de l’année", n’est pas la première récompense méritée reçue par l’inventeur du Web : En 2002, Tim BERNERS-LEE a obtenu la médaille Albert de la société royale des Arts par le prince Philipp, Duc d’Edinburgh, au printemps 2004 la Finlande lui a remis le Millenium Technology Prize."
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:: Sunday, January 30, 2005 ::

call for submission>>new project >>netopticon report

Together with superficial anonymity and seemingly apparent ways of hiding or faking one's identity, the Internet delivers a new set of powerful and sophisticated instruments of surveillance. Network activity of an individual user, intercepted on the borders of ostensibly integral web realm, is easily back-traced by power holders - via IP address to ID number - and provides the agent for latent supervision of controlling eye-ear.

Scouting and tight inspection of personal information, at times readily exposed, serves economical and political interests of the system, helps creating the new ways of control and improves the old ones. Established around network security commercial structures continuously populate virtual file-cabinets, simultaneously supporting the channels of supervised data distribution.

netopticon - the current project of no-org.net - is an attempt to create an artistic and textual report on the topic of infringement of privacy and its protection. We are looking forward to net art works and texts dealing with resistance to manipulatively mediated concept of security, to art projects devoted to true anonymity of net-surfing and net-correspondence, to works intentionally feeding systems with falsified data, to any remarks, suggestions and ideas that would add up to a contemporary report on the topic.

Although it is not exclusive condition, projects that work on the three major platforms (Linux, Macintosh and Windows) are preferred.

The deadline for submissions is March, 30, 2005


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