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Selected News

Gaming is going from virtual to mental. Sony patents technology to wire directly to the brain: The long term goal, which we might add is only based on a theory, should enable punters to see movies and play video games in which they smell, taste and perhaps even feel things.

New software released to hunt down child porn traffickers: Microsoft said the Child Exploitation Tracking System is the first software designed specifically to capture pornographers who prey on children and sell their images via the Internet. It will allow police departments worldwide to share and track previously unlinked information on investigations and suspects.

Open source's future is in applications: Future open-source applications will be built where there is already a large community of users of a commercial application. They have knowledge of application requirements and can provide leadership on where a next-generation application should go.

Microsoft and Apple may be brought together by the government. itunes maybe be playing a different tune very soon: The Congress have been considering a plan that would outlaw music protected by proprietary digital rights management (DRM) technology, such as Apple's FairPlay, which stops iTunes downloads being played on Microsoft digital music players and vice versa.

Google offers an accuate zoom in on your home: The satellite technology, which Google began offering this week at maps.google.com, is part of the package that the Mountain View, Calif.-based company acquired when it bought digital mapmaker Keyhole Corp. for an undisclosed amount nearly six months ago.

a 9% increase of net-surfers in France, that's a total of 24 million last December: Ainsi, alors que la possibilité d'accès au haut débit bondissait de 20% en 2004, le nombre d'internautes en France n'a augmenté que de 9% et se situait à 24 millions en décembre, selon Médiamétrie, loin derrière les 53,6 millions de connectés potentiels au haut débit. Parmi les 24 millions d'internautes, la moitié avait un accès haut débit. Nul doute que cette proportion continue à croître au vu des données annoncées par Gilles de Robien.

People speculate online--rather bet--who the next Pope will be: Como si de una carrera de caballos se tratase, varias páginas web ya aceptan apuestas sobre quién será el próximo papa, qué nombre elegirá o cuánto tiempo pasará hasta que aparezca el famoso humo blanco.

Google now experiments searches for videos--keeping up with "video blogging": La idea es un intento de expandir la capacidad del motor para buscar otros productos y atender así a un mercado que está cambiando velozmente con el acceso masivo de los consumidores a la banda ancha. También los anunciantes están cada vez más interesados en productos de video.
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:: Wednesday, April 06, 2005 ::
The Vibewire.net e-Festival
APRIL 13-18 at http://www.vibewire.net/efestival

Coming up next week, Vibewire.net will be hosting
Australia's first ever online creative festival. The
e-festival is a conference focused on youth and
media taken online and democratized.

GLOBAL ISSUES| Guests: Tim Colebatch- The Age | The
Oaktree Foundation |United Nations Youth Association
| Adam Ma'anit - New Internationalist
CREATIVE JUICES | Guests: Australia Council |
Australian Film Commission | Fuel4Arts.com | Craig
Silvey - Author, Rhubarb | Peter Wintonick - POV
Magazine, Canada
MEDIA AND DEMOCRACY | Guests: Julian Morrow - The
Chaser | Robert Greenwald - Director, Outfoxed|
Margo Kingstom | Tony Wilson
SPECIAL NSW EVENT | What are the issues that matter
to you? | 3-7pm 13 April @ Vibewire.net/efestival

Check out www.vibewire.net/efestival to get
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netopticon project- extended deadline- 15.04.05

netopticon - the current project of no-org.net - is an attempt to create an artistic and textual report on the topic of infringement of net privacy and its protection. We are looking forward to net art works and texts dealing with resistance to manipulatively mediated concept of security, to art projects devoted to true anonymity of net-surfing and net-correspondence, to works intentionally feeding systems with falsified data, to any remarks, suggestions and ideas that would add up to a contemporary report on the topic.
Although it is not exclusive condition, projects that work on the three major platforms (Linux, Macintosh and Windows) are preferred.

The deadline for submission is 15 April 2005



The Leicester Spring School in New Media, 19-21 April 2005
*Places still available!*

The Department of Museum Studies at the University of Leicester with the support of the Museum Computer Group organises for the fourth consecutive year the Leicester Spring School in New Media. This is a great opportunity for museum practitioners and academics to participate and get actively involved in discussions, workshops and presentations around the conceptual and practical issues of envisioning, designing, developing and assessing new media for the museum and heritage sector.

Participation in the Spring School includes free entry to 'The Digital Object' - the UK Museums and the Web Conference 2005 (www.museumscomputergroup.org.uk

A few places for this exciting event are still open and a small number of bursaries are available after application. For more information about the Spring School and to register on-line please visit the following web-page: http://www.le.ac.uk


The Beall Center

Erik Conrad/Sky Frostenson/Adrian Herbez/
Garnet Hertz/Ryan Schoelerman/
Margaret Watson/So Yamaoka

April 6 - 16, 2005
Opening Reception April 7th, 7-9pm

This year celebrates the first graduating class of the newly formed ACE (Arts Computation and Engineering) graduate program at University of California, Irvine. Students in this pioneering interdisciplinary program will curate and organize an "open lab" exhibition showcasing their work and experimentation in new media and interdisciplinary arts at UCI.

Contact / Information: (949) 824-4339
Beall Center Hours:
Tues. - Wed. 12-5 ;
Thurs. - Sat. 12-8


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:: Tuesday, April 05, 2005 ::
Whether you are a narrative nerd, a games geek, bot boffin or IF infatuated or a respectable media theorist, please accept our invitation to stop by WRT:


WRT is a blogging collective dedicated to the discussion and exploration of digital character art -- any art involving electrons and making use of letters, alphanumerics, or other characters in an interesting way. Our primary focus is on active and interactive works, in which users input text and receive textual responses as output. Our URL -- Writer Response Theory -- is a play on Reader Reponse Theory and therefore shifts the investigative focus to a reader/writer whose textual input will change the works they encounter. We see ourselves as writers or creators responding to theory; as writers creating theory, a theory which is also a response to writers.

Some objects of study include ASCII art, blog fiction, chatbots, email fiction, e-poetry, hypertext fiction, and interactive fiction (IF). What are the methods of design, the modes of usage, and the relationships between scriptons and textons in these art forms?

Members may follow a topic or pursue a particular blog author. Organize and reorganize us as you see fit. Individual blog authors may post outside the scope of WRT, but the home page will remain dedicated to digital character art.
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:: Monday, April 04, 2005 ::
Got a short film? Then consider its submission to Resfest.

ReBlog is taken over by Linkoln and Jimpunk. Check the goods.

MTAA's second drink and drawing competition has an official winner: Luke Butler. Visit MTAA's weblog for photos and accounts of the event.

SLR (Survival Research Laboratory) performed this past Saturday in Downtown Los Angeles, just accross from Sci Arc. Visit their website in the next few days for documentation of the event.

Turbulence Artists’ Studios: "Encoded Presence" by Michael Takeo Magruder

The Bomb Project by Joy Garnett gets a new look. Now more efficient.

Wifi in Tokyo tomorrow:
On 11 am : Press conference with a presentation of Tokyo Ozone by Marc Sanchez senor curator of palais de Tokyo with Rafi Haladjian CEO of Ozone and Valery Grancher new media artist, lecturer, curator and co-founder with Christophe Bruno of www.wifi-art.com, and Frédéric Alstadt, Sébastien Fauvarque from Angström records.
Discover what is the WIFi and the opportunities brought by this network regarding art expressions, discover some artists projects who are using this new kind of network in openspace and public space.
Ask some questions to the artists ! enter in Tokyo Ozone universe ! Enter in Ozone universe: a young startup who's poducing pervasive objects which are bringing a new kind of communciation. Ozone is conceiving smart object for tommorow.
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