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How political are you? How many things have you done that you could consider creative acts of citizenship? Pindices gives you the opportunity to explore over a period of time just how active you have been as a citizen or political activist.

With a front page made of Badges from contributors who can regularly update their details with information such as "I raised issues with people I know" and the number of times you did so, participating in Pindices causes you to think about your actions. Not only while you're updating, but after a while, you begin to be more active during the rest of the time, because you're keen to add more info to your 'badge'.

Andrew Barry & Lucy Kimbell are the artists behind the project, and it will be interesting to see how it grows over time and to find out what results they draw from the data.

Go do something political, but remember to update your Pindex!

::Mark R Hancock::
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This year, the Kassel Documentary Film and Video Festival will take place from November 8th to 13th, 2005. The festival presents current documentary films and videos, the media art exhibition MONITORING, as well as the interfiction symposium. We invite all filmmakers, media people, and artists to submit their latest works and projects for the individual sections of the Festival program. Closing date for entries is August 1st, 2005.

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Within the digital arts there are also letters: works by writers who explore the possibilities of texts controlled by computational processes, or who write in ways that take the network as a medium. Four writers will read from their network-enabled work: John Cayley, Yael Kanarek (04/25)/Thalia Field (04/26), Nick Montfort, and Noah Wardrip-Fruin.

April 25, 2005: Brown University, Providence
April 26, 2005: Boston Public Library, Boston
For more information, go to turbulence.org/elo/index.htm

"Re:Writing: Writers, Computers and Networks" is a collaboration between the Electronic Literature Organization and New Radio and Performing Arts, Inc./Turbulence.org. It is made possible by the Department of Literary Arts, Brown University and the LEF Foundation.
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:: Thursday, April 21, 2005 ::
Scrollbars at the MediaLounge

Jan Robert Leegte's latest work is installed at the Medialounge in Huddersfield, UK. "'Scrollbars' is a sculptural installation which references the architecture of software. "

At first sighting, these installations throw the viewer. The exaggerated size of them and the decontextualising stops you in your tracks. Once you’ve realised why, you begin to enjoy them even more.

Moving from a traditional structure to a more playful one, the sculptures become slightly more confusing to the eye. Fun, but with the ability to send you back to your browser with a renewed curiosity.
::Mark Hancock::
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The Beall center for Art and Technology

is pleased to present the U.S. Premiere of OP_ERA: SONIC DIMENSION

Daniela Kutschat & Rejane Cantoni

April 26 - June 11
Opening Reception April 26, 6-9 pm

OP_ERA: sonic dimension is an immersive and interactive installation designed as a music box. The box is a black, open cube (three walls of 3x3m each) filled with hundreds of visually identical violin-like strings. Tuned with the specific tension, each virtual string vibrates with a visual-sound frequency (light and sound waves) that varies according to its relative position and mode of interaction.   The objective of this project is to research the geometry of sonic spaces and to develop sonic interfaces.  
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Call for Articles:

On-line journal Hz (www.hz-journal.org) is accepting articles on New
Media, Net Art, Electronic Music, Sound Art for its next issue.  
Earlier published and unpublished articles in English are welcomed.  
Please send your submissions to  hz-journal@telia.com Dead-line: 15 May, 2005.
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22 April - 1 May 2005

Version'05 Festival Chicago/USA
is presenting

"Women: Memory of Repression in Argentina" (W:MoRiA)
a curatorial online environment
created by Agricola de Cologne (Germany)
and co-curated by Raquel Partnoy (Argentina/USA).
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A collaborative:
Venezuela Argentina Francia adelante
A new digital review online (2 issues)

Here is the link to
( Literature-Art-Criticism )

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:: Wednesday, April 20, 2005 ::
Selected News

A person is Florida has bought the domain name for the new pope. How did he know? Cadenhead, a technical writer who was raised Catholic, said he bought the domains as a game -- not as a way to make money by cybersquatting. Besides, he added, "If I didn't do it, someone less reputable would."

What do you get when you grow up as a multitasker watching Mtv while chatting online and, not surprisingly, talking on the phone with several friends? ManiaTV: The 6-month-old, privately financed Web site plays music videos, animation and short movies all day, every day. ManiaTV is like the college students it targets: It does a lot of things simultaneously.

The ever-changing functions of Linux may be leading to similarities with Windows: Some people are starting to think so. There is support for so many features in the Linux 2.6 kernel that it may be getting so fat as to be unstable. (Just add one more feature. It’s wafer-thin.)

Those thinking how far can cell-phones go should consider visual radio: Visual Radio allows listeners to tune in to local FM radio via their mobile phones while simultaneously receiving interactive information and graphics that are synchronized with the broadcast. Text and graphics are delivered via the cellular network onto the screen of the mobile handset.

Microsoft expects to bank on its new cell-phone hybrid, which apparently offers extensive e-mail access: La firme compte aujourd'hui profiter de ce succès et sortir les PDA hybrides, ces PDA téléphones mobiles avec accès aux mails, dans la sphère professionnelle. Avec le fabricant chinois HTC, Microsoft présente ainsi le Qtek S100, «premier PDA hybride destiné au grand public». «Un véritable produit de rupture», clame Laurent Dugimont, Product Marketing Manager pour la division Windows Mobile de Microsoft.

Couples no longer need to leave the computer to have a virtual affair. Relationships' stability can be affected by online love interests: Algunas encuestas revelaron que cada vez más personas en el mundo acuden a las relaciones virtuales en internet, según un libro que acaba de aparecer en Francia. "Un medio que fomenta la “ciberinfidelidad” y causa estragos en la vida de pareja", explican los autores.

Your searches are worth money. Everytime netsurfers search a term, such information can be used by corporations to figure out more pervasive forms of marketing: Al escribir las palabras de la búsqueda, los usuarios están también enviando a los anunciantes un mensaje claro acerca de los productos sobre los que pueden estar interesados en comprar, y proveedores de búsquedas como Google, Yahoo, o Microsoft MSN están cobrando por ello.
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:: Tuesday, April 19, 2005 ::

-The council of Móstoles and the Councilman of Education and Culture, convoked IV Sample of Electronic Art Villa of Móstoles, MAEM 5.
-Admit an unlimited number of works for PC.
-The works together with the Entry form will send, between march 31 and June 15, 2004 (will be accepted the date of exit of the office of postage or enterprise of transports), to the following Address:

MAEM 5 (IV Muestra de Arte Electrónico Villa de Móstoles)
Avda. Carlos V, 3
28936 Móstoles

Rules and the Entry form in:

-We are expecting your works.

Antonio Alvarado, curator.
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This year, the Kassel Documentary Film and Video Festival will take place from November 8th to 13th, 2005. The festival presents current documentary films and videos, the media art exhibition MONITORING, as well as the interfiction symposium. We invite all filmmakers, media people, and artists to submit their latest works and projects for the individual sections of the Festival program. Closing date for entries is August 1st, 2005.

More information:

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:: Monday, April 18, 2005 ::
Make sure to visit Empyre and keep up with focused online discussions on media and culture. This month it features Border Crossings with Raul Ferrera Banlanquet.
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Currently featured at Turbulence: Victor Liu's VTMZ
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Seoul Net Festival 2005
(May 1 - September 8) at www.senef.net
Competition : May 1 - June 30 / Out-of-Competition : July 1 - September 8

Seoul Net Festival has been trying to introduce talented visual artists all over the world and their brilliant works and is to provide a full access to understanding specific constraint given as "the Internet" and "New Media". As one of the best online festivals in the world, Seoul Net Festival has extensively engaged in current digital discourse governed by unprecedented aesthetic merit and achievement.
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:: Sunday, April 17, 2005 ::
Information page on contemporary art with RSS feeding possibilities: pourinfos

pourinfos.org is a resource for visual artists that includes calls for projects and information on important programmmes such as the Beaubourg Programme.

Anyone can send info that the team will try to include - in English and French whenever possible.

For now, the translation of the home page to English is made through google - so it's far from perfect... Maybe this will change in the future. Submitting in both languages is probably preferred by the organization.

The format of the information is rough, as the principle of the website is to authorize the integration of its content in other sites. For two years now that pourinfos makes available RSS feeds to other websites. The RSS technology does not abound in this field so hoorray for pourinfos!
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Interactive City Call for Participation

EARLY CALL DUE: 22 April 2005

ISEA INTERACTIVE CITY CFP: http://www.urban-atmospheres.net/

SUBMISSION FORM: http://isea2006.sjsu.edu/register/

ISEA2006 TEMPORARY WEBSITE: http://isea2006.sjsu.edu./index.html

This announcement is for the early call for proposals within the scope of the Interactive City.

The city has always been a site of transformation: of lives, of populations, even of civilizations. With the rise of the mega city, however; with the advent of 24/7 rush hours; with the inexorable conversion of public space into commercial space; with the rise of surveillance; with the computer-assisted precision of redlining; with the viral advance of the xenophobic, the contemporary city is weighted down. We dream of something more. Not something planned and canned, like another confectionary spectacle. Something that can respond to our dreams. Something that will transform with us, not just perform change on us, like an operation.
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Leonardo Electronic Almanac: April 2005
art | science | technology - a definitive voice since 1993

LEA's April issue is the first in a two-part special that explores the theme: RE: Searching Our Origins. Guest Editors Paul Brown and Catherine Mason are at the helm, and in their editorial, introduce the notion of digital computing and the associated theories of cybernetics, logic and formal systems/linguistics.
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The Budapest University of Technology and Economics, the Central European University, the Open Society Institute, and the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Pennsylvania invite submissions for a conference on

RE:activism: Re-drawing the boundaries of activism in a new media environment

which is to take place in Budapest, October 14-15, 2005
Deadline for submission of abstracts: June 14, 2005

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La Biennale di Venezia - Visual Arts - 51st Edition
Isola della Poesia / Poetry Island

POETRY ISLAND (Light Installation on San Secondo Island, Venezia):

In collaboration with: Karenina.it, La Repubblica Arte Newspaper


THE NIGHT OF POETS: Venice given to poetry in the most beautiful palaces and parks, with great international poets.

Open Call
Welcome in the Virtual Island of Poetry of The 51st Venice Biennial 2005!
Caterina Davinio Curator
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