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As some readers are aware, Rhizome is free, with some limitations for those who are non-members. More recently Rhizome becomes RSS friendly. A message from Francis Wang, the Director of Technology at Rhizome follows below.

Now available at Rhizome: a Raw RSS feed!


Right now this feed re-posts the entire text as posted originally. So it's suitable for reading, reposting, etc., etc. There are now three separate ways to track the discussion on Raw: by email, by web, and by RSS syndication feed.

I set the feed to track the last 40 items, which right now means it's a sort of big feed, at 87k. Of course with Raw's traffic the way it is, the resulting feed only tracks about the last 36 hours worth of posts. I'm considering excerpting some of the bigger posts, and having more posts per feed, if 36 hours isn't enough ... anyway, let me know if you're using it and have suggestions for it.

This is one of those things that we couldn't have done three weeks ago. I hope y'all find it useful.

Francis Hwang
Director of Technology
phone: 212-219-1288x202
AIM: francisrhizome
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:: Friday, June 03, 2005 ::
Jason Nelson is considering online artists for a residency at Furtherfield's netbehaviour


Residency description:

Exploring interface and interactive creatures with content grabbed, thrust, stolen, and borrowed from new media artists, poets and electronic pioneers. Over these 2-3 weeks, I will create twenty-four digital extravaganzas, with each one being loosely or closely centered on the content, ideas, images and words of others. Think of this as ego stroking and translation, a way to connect to those I have never met and might not ever meet, and play with ideas of interaction and interface. Some have offered their content, others will simply be robbed, and all will be enchanted, confused, annoyed and giddily stroked.

"As a NET ARTIST, I am apparently diying or dead. With that in mind, I bask in my zombie glow, my rotting wires and my urge to bite through skulls. I could list those academic and worldly accolades that have trophied themselves on my work, but I am only as good as the last swirling mess I spit out. I live in Australia with a beautiful woman and miss the snow, so miss the snow."

My worlds:
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:: Thursday, June 02, 2005 ::
Latest addition to Computer Fine Arts' collection.

Xavier Cahen - Louvre 01/15/05 and 03/20
G.H Hovagimyan - Vanity Search
Patrick Lichty - Sprawl
Lokiss - Has Had and Like Love
Jody Zellen - War Stories
utensil.net (Beth Stryker + Sawad Brooks): 1+1

doron golan
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Mujer Vende Alma al Demonio a Través de Internet

Por apenas dos millones y medio de pesos chilenos una mujer santiaguina de 35 años vende su alma
Para mayor informacion acerca de este hecho consultar en www.google.cl:
"mujer vende alma al diablo"
::Ignacio Nieto::
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. . . .
Los Angeles, Vancouver, San Francisco
June 14-July 24

. . . .
So-called "experience" is a highly Anglo-American term. Roughly speaking, everything is plugged as "experience". Whether it is a "dining experience" in a restaurant or the "Disney experience" in Orlando or "experience the sorrow and tragedy of Ground Zero" in New York City... everything has to be made "experiencable" or presented as an "experience". Yet there is not even a word for it in German. "Experience" is untranslatable. Of course, this is the same as with all cultural ideas: being untranslatable, ergo driving you crazy. Even though we are coming disguised as tourists, we don't want to always just take. We would also like to give. We bring something with us for North America. And when we leave, we will have gained the experience of how our experience has been experienced. We want to see what that does to us and what the what-it-does-to-us does to North America. We want to convey a total of 7 new "experiences" to the local population in three North American cities, making them "experiencable" in performances and events.

More tour infos:

About monochrom:

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:: Wednesday, June 01, 2005 ::
NAR offers two new Weekly Features by Ignacio Nieto and Molly Hankwitz (Look below, following the New Media Fix).
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Touch Me @ V&A

Touch Me 16 June - 29 August 2005

"This June the V&A, in collaboration with the Wellcome Trust, opens a uniquely touchable contemporary design exhibition, Touch Me, which explores the pleasures and sensations of touch, looking at the designed world around us now and what the future holds"

Amongst the exhibitions on show are two Net Art Review favourites, ClickSneaks & HugJackets from Studio 5050, exploring the way we interact with those around us on a very personal and even intimate level.

"Touch Me is both fun and thought-provoking as it looks at contemporary design products and installations that relate to our sense of touch."

::Mark R Hancock::
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:: Tuesday, May 31, 2005 ::
Brief recommendations

Artist Statement:
This website deals with issues of visual narration, censorship, human rights, comics and remembrance in the context of the Argentine military dictatorship of 1976-83. I would like to receive your comments and criticism. (Perhaps you could also provide a web link?)

winklerwordart.com/signalglyph spotlight at Turbulence
Signalgliph Research Project
As per the Committees request, these reports will contain as little scientific/technical
language as possible. During the past Quarter, we've learned a great deal about their
approach to mathematics. Some of the information has profound implications to the history
and development of our own mathematical concepts.

Ruido by Felipe Machado:
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:: Monday, May 30, 2005 ::
Selected News

A woman sues Yahoo! for hosting photos online that her former boyfriend originally uploaded: Barnes, 48, has claimed in the lawsuit that her former boyfriend began posting naked pictures of her in Yahoo! profiles. Also included were her personal mail ids along with phone numbers. The photos were taken and posted on the net without her consent.

Mobile technology may be the answer for PC sales. Expectations for two digit increase is announced by some a research firm: The firm predicted sales of about 202.1 million units, while mobile PC sales were expected to grow about 26.5 percent this year and desktops to increase 4.6 percent.

Linux server is whipping some B: According to IDC about 10 percent of that revenue was generated by the Linux server business, which grew year over year by 35 percent and has now posted its eleventh consecutive quarter of double-digit growth.

A new device especially designed for web-surfing has been released by Nokia. It is not a computer; it is instead called an "appliance": The new Internet Tablet, now unveiled and slated to go on sale this northern summer, is based on the open-source Linux operating system rather than the Symbian platform Nokia uses for smart mobile phones. Here is an article in Spanish: Nokia sorprendió al mercado al lanzar su primer producto que no guarda relación con la telefonía móvil. Se trata de una ‘minitablet’ PC basada en tecnología Linux que permite navegar por internet de forma inalámbrica, según América Economía.com.

French banks are hit with phishing e-mails. The usual letter asking for vital information is sent to bank clients is forwarded: Selon HSC, cette attaque lancée depuis le 27 mai serait la première en France à se diffuser aussi massivement comme du spam à l'encontre des internautes disposant d'une adresse e-mail sous un domaine en ".fr".

If you got Explorer on and decided to later install Netscape 8, you may run into incompatibility issues, explorer may no longer work properly:
Le blogue de Microsoft indique que l'équipe d'Internet Explorer désire travailler en collaboration avec celle de Netscape afin de corriger le problème, et suggère une solution temporaire qui consiste, dans cet ordre, à désinstaller Netscape 8 et à modifier la base de registre.

Read an interview with Blake Ross, the computer geek who at age fifteen created Firefox: Contratado por Netscape a los 15 años, alumno estrella en Stanford a los 19 y creador de uno de los programas más revolucionarios de los últimos tiempos, Blake Ross ya no no tiene tiempo para juegos (literalmente).
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:: Sunday, May 29, 2005 ::
SONAR 2005 - Advanced Music and Multimedia Art
Barcelona, Spain
June 16,17,19 2005

Three days and three nights in touch with the most up-to-date developments and featuring the most relevant national and international artists. In its twelfth edition SÓnar will be presenting over 300 activities SÓnar presents more than 300 activities including DJ sets, concerts, titles projected at the SonarCinema and works in every multimedia format: installations, Net art, design,... SÓnar is the essential meeting point for an alert public, cutting-edge artists and the most influential professionals from the sectors of music and modern arts.

Concerts, DJ sets, a professional fair, the SonarMática multimedia area, audio-visual projections in all formats, Sonarama, a mediatheque, conferences and exhibitions. Simultaneous and uninterrupted activities across a range of areas at the Raval district (CCCB, MACBA, Centre d'Art Santa MÔnica). A meeting point for artists, professionals and public.
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