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Deadline: August 15th 2005
"Astas Romas" is organising the second "International Festival of Electronic Art 404", to be held at "Centro Cultural Parque de España" and "Centro Cultural Bernardino Rivadavia", in Rosario, Argentina from November 29th to December 2nd, 2005. "Astas Romas" is making a world-wide call to artists and theorists to take part in this Festival 404'05 in order to estimulate and divulge new productions around electronic art. Authors may participate in the following areas: net-art, still image, animation, video, electronic music, audiovisual set, theory, performance and any other proposals made by the authors. The program includes: screening of videos and animations, conferences, performances and concerts. Participation in this festival is free, open, and has no age-limit. The Festival´s deadline to present works is on August 15th 2005. The date will be taken from the post office cancelling stamp.

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Let's Get Loud!: Cluster's Interview with Helen Thorington, Turbulence.org

"They began with the radio, producing over 300 projects in 15 years. Then while it was still the dawn of a new genre, they started with net art. Today, TURBULENCE.ORG has around eighty net projects running, many of these making history in net art. With an enthusiasm and energy that's hard to compare, they continually enrich their collection in which one of the most important and most visited blogs of those dedicated to the relationship between creativity and new technology can be accessed. It doesn't have a physical space, but it doesn't need one, considering it can boast to be one of the most interesting places on the web. We asked the artist and co-director of Turbulence.org, HELEN THORINGTON, the project's backbone right from the start, to tell us the story, enlighten us on the structure and the problems it has had to face and to take a glimpse at what the future has in store." From "Let's get loud!: Interview with Helen Thorington" by Domenico Quaranta, Cluster #5.



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MINDSCAPE.NU is an interactive web site and an art gallery installation where participants share mental embodied images and narratives. The focus of the site is to draw attention to non-technological virtuality and it’s polymorphic possibilities. We would like the narratives to portray a multitude of embodied transformations and many different modes of being. Participants can share their stories through the web site. These narrations form the base for the gallery installation. First gallery to show MIndscape is galleri leena kuumola 18.11.-11.12.2005 in Helsinki, Finland.

MINDSCAPE.NU on avattu!

Mielenliike on sekä auditiivinen galleriateos, että interaktiivinen nettiteos. Ensimmäinen osa teosta tapahtuu nettisivulla www.mindscape.nu ja toinen osa galleri leena kuumolassa 18.11.-11.12.2005.  Mielenliike on kokijan kehollisuuteen suoraan vaikuttava ja kokijan omaa kehollista mielikuvitusta stimuloiva auditiivinen installaatio, joka kiinnittää huomion mielikuvituksen mahdollisuuteen luoda polymorfista, muotoaan muuttavaa kehon kokemusta. Yleisö voi osallistua teoksen muotoutumiseen kirjoittamalla omista kehollisista kokemuksistaan nettitisivustolla www. mindscape.nu. Näistä kokemuksista editoidut tarinat antavat teoksen toisessa osass mahdollisuuden kokeilla mielikuvituksessa tapahtuvaa kehollisuutta. Nettisivusto on englanninkielinen, mutta kertomuksia voi kirjoittaa myös suomeksi.

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Doron Golan has a DV blog the9th.com/DVblog/
developed to showcase artists publishing quicktime projects. The resource is open for posting info about tech stuff and about videos /movies and net cinema; focusing on artists and writers that are working with quicktime or has interest in net cinema who would like to be Authors & Users(WordPress) are welcome to send an email to: d(at)the9th.com

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:: Thursday, June 30, 2005 ::
Wonder what your house looks like from outer space? The search engine Google has made available yet another way to search and interpret our world. After purchasing Keyhole, a satellite mapping company, Google has finally made application of Keyhole's technology.

Visit: http://earth.google.com.

More: http://arstechnica.com/news.ars/post/20050628-5051.html

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:: Sunday, June 26, 2005 ::

Gallery1F's first web-show features artworks that engage transition: offline-to-online, signal-to-sample, continuous-to-discrete, analog-to-digital.  AtoD displays the work of six artists navigating the screen as a fuzzy border and managing interactions between analog quantities and their digital representations.

Participating artists are Josh Azzarella, Bryce Beverlin II, Antonia D'Orazio, Elena Jovanova, judsoN, and Mez.


-- Jake Elliott & Ezara Hoffman

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