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Currently the Weekly Features offer two texts by Molly Hankwitz and Eduardo Navas. See directly below this section.

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:: Tuesday, July 12, 2005 ::
The Leonardo-College Art Association workgroup (LEO-CAA) seeks curatorial proposals for an exhibition that will feature, but not be limited to, work by LEO-CAA members. The exhibition will coincide with the CAA conference in NYC February 14-17, 2007. Exhibition is eligible for $10,000 award from CAA plus another $5000 for a catalog. Curator need not be a member of CAA or Leonardo. Curator will work with LEO CAA Chairs to establish venue and submit proposal to CAA by September 1 deadline. For details, see http://www.collegeart.org/

Please submit 250 word statement describing the exhibition's theme and explaining any special or timely significance. Suggestions for venues or additional sources of funding or in-kind support are encouraged. Please send proposal via e-mail by August 5 to address in heading.

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:: Monday, July 11, 2005 ::
23-24 september / Amsterdam

URBAN SCREENS 2005 is an international conference ranging from critical theory to project experiences by researchers and practitioners in the field of Art, Architecture, Urban Studies and Digital Culture.

It addresses the growing infrastructure of large digital moving displays, that increasingly influence the visual sphere of our public spaces.

It will investigate how the currently dominating commercial use of these screens can be broadened and culturally curated.

Can these screens become a tool to contribute to a lively urban society, involving its audience interactively?

We will explore especially the following issues: "Shaping the Urban Mediascapes", "Addressing the social value and civic culture", "Experiences from practical case studies concerning content production"

Detailed info and the program:


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launch of GUESTROOM 4 publication and GUESTROOM STUDIO in collaboration with Dosensos
live performance by Andy Holden (tracks from a short guide to towns without a past) / more music by Nathan Parker and Isabel Weidner /
bar & food

the publication includes work by the temporary collective of Archipelago:
Athanasios Argianas / Maria Benjamin / Laura Cull / Ruth Höflich / John Linden / Anna McCarthy / Natashka Moreau / Olivia Plender /
Florian Roithmayr / Mark Aerial Waller

and a CD Compilation curated by DOSENSOS featuring:
The Errorists (hilary koob-sassen, andreas köhler), Chelpa Ferro (sergio mekler, jorge barrao, luiz zerbini), Andy Holden, rude pravo (stevie jones, luke fowler), Gerwald Rosckenschaub, Alexander Gyoerfi, Slender Whiteman, Gamtone, God in Hackney (andy cooke, nathaniel mellors), Clippetyclop (kate maynell, aaron williamson, janet hidgson, laurence harvey, simon raven, sean roe, pailine smith, sarah tobias), The Flashbulb (benn jordan), Los Super Elgentantes

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Turbulence Spotlight: "1001 nights cast" by Barbara Campbell

In "1001 nights cast," Barbara Campbell performs a short text-based work for 1001 consecutive nights. The performance is relayed as a live webcast to anyone, anywhere, at sunset. A frame story written by the artist introduces the project’s nightly performances. It is a survival story and it creates the context for subsequent stories generated daily through writer/performer collaborations made possible by the reach of the internet.

Each morning Campbell reads journalists’ reports covering events in the Middle East. She selects a prompt word or phrase that leaps from the page with generative potential. She renders the prompt in watercolor and posts it in its new pictorial form on the website. Participants are then invited to write a story using that day’s prompt in a submission of up to 1001 words. The writing deadline expires three hours before that night's performance.

"1001 nights cast" is a project generated by the forces of that great compendium of Arabian tales, The 1001 Nights also known as The Arabian Nights. The project explores the theatrics of the voiced story, the need for framing devices, the strategies for survival, the allure of the Middle East and its contrasting realities.

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