:: Saturday, July 23, 2005 ::

51st Biennale di Venezia - Isola della Poesia
Virtual island - Ongoing project - June 9th - November 15th
Caterina Davinio Curator

General Curator: Achille Bonito Oliva.
Installation by Marco Nereo Rotelli - San Secondo Island
Isola Virtuale - On Line Event by Caterina Davinio.

How to participate / Come partecipare:

If server is too busy, try the alternative link:
/ Se la pagina non è disponibile usa il link alternativo:

Upload only 1 poem, max 25 verses (please digit the text in the guest-book
using copy and paste)
/ Inserisci solo 1 poesia, max 25 versi (digita il testo nel guest-book
senza usare copia e incolla).

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Arte Nuevo InteractivA‚05 launches web portal

Arte Nuevo InteractivA‚05, art biennale and interdisciplinary lab launches its Internet site at cartodigital.org/interactiva

The biennale includes artists from India, Brazil, Italy, Spain, Uruguay, Argentina, Cuba, El Salvador, Puerto Rico, Israel, Mexico, Turkey, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Australia, United States, Canada, Chile, Belgium, Iran, Germany and Singapore. The event will take place until July 31 at the Centro Cultural de Merida Olimpo in Yucatan, Mexico. The site presents links to artists, curators, proyects and scholars participating in the biennale, plus information, essays, details of works and photographs.

Visit Arte Nuevo InteractivA‚05 (www.cartodigital.org/interactiva)
For more information: rfbalanquet@cartodigital.org

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:: Friday, July 22, 2005 ::
Around the online communities

Rhizome.org has a new interface which incorporates reblog technology, developed at eyebeam. This brings a brand new look to Rhizome's front page. Eyebeam's current reblogger is Mark Tribe.

Turbulence's Performance blog, as always, is going strong moving towards a major conference in 2006. Catch Helen Thorington's discussion on empyre this month where she discusses elements of performance in emerging fields and new media.

works by:- Amy Alexander, Kate Armstrong & Michael Tippet, James Ford and Spencer Harisson, Annie Abrahams & Clement Charmet, Martha Carrer Cruz Gabriel.

Dont' forget to check out Runme.org who is always considering submissions of software art.

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:: Thursday, July 21, 2005 ::
This week, Eduardo Navas edits the Weekly Features. Molly Hankwitz will be taking a much needed break. For the next couple of weeks Eduardo will be focusing on Art and Globalization. See weeklies directly below this section to read the features.

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:: Wednesday, July 20, 2005 ::
From Regina Celia Pinto:

July, 19th 2005

Dear Friends,

Today is the Museum of the Essential and Beyond That's anniversary. It is its third anniversary and it has grown a lot since its lauchment in 2002. It is a quite dynamic structure well known in the whole cyber-world. We have much to celebrate!

The comemoration of this year involves a virtual cake created by the artists Muriel Frega (http://murielfrega.com.ar/) and Zaida Frega. A very sweet gift this one which we received from Muriel and Zaida. You are invited to eat a slice of this cake with us at:


Visiting the cake you will know about a surprise gift you should receive, the gift is comemorative of the museum's third anniversary.

Regina Célia Pinto

http://bigsheep.blogspot.com (A NEW Blog - The Big Sheep! Big What?)

Originally posted at Rhizome

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DEADLINE August 15th, 2005
Main conference site http://www.cs.otago.ac.nz/

The Graphite Art Gallery exhibition will take place at the University of Otago in Dunedin, New Zealand from the 29th November to 3rd December 2005.

Graphite 2005 Digital Art Gallery is looking for digitally based works that explore the nature of creative practice, especially works that deal with the dialectic notions of local/global, digital/physical, internal/external, the body/the machine, or other technologically framed dialectic pairings that contain a digital, computer, or electronic component within the process of creation. These topics may be expressed in the following types of work:

* 2D and 3D fine art
* Animation or sculpture
* Interactive or online works
* Small-scale installations displayable in light environments without
the need for dedicated darken rooms

NOTE: All pieces for Graphite 2005 Digital Art Gallery must be original
work, completed after June 2004.


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:: Tuesday, July 19, 2005 ::
modem radio
net.cultura y música electrónica.
radio unam 860 am, los lunes a las 22 horas (centro de méxico, gmt -6).
conducción: fran ilich. producción: memo tapia.
archivo: http://delete.tv/modem_radio/
livestream: http://vivo3.dgsca.unam.mx:8000/listen.pls
hoy con daniel garcía-andujar como invitado especial.

weblog de pacho (ex-baterista de maldita vecindad, hoy director de casa
del lago):

archivo en progreso de gustavo sainz:

últimas 2 semanas de exhibición de borderhack + technologies to the
people, daniel garcía-andujar + fran ilich.
centro cultural españa, en ciudad de méxico.
hasta el 31de julio.

delete.tv --> anger is an energy!

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:: Monday, July 18, 2005 ::
Join the SwarmTheMinuteMen.com and Electronic Disturbance Theater
Virtual Sit-In Against Anti-Immigrant Websites, from Tuesday July 20th
-Thursday, July 22nd

To join, click here

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Sonic Arts Network would like to invite sound/image/text submissions for material to be considered for inclusion in a Sonic Arts Network limited edition CD publication concerning ‘Lists’. The edition will be published in November/December 2005 in a limited run of 1000 editions and will be curated by Craig Robinson, illustrator and creator of www.flipflopflyin.com http://www.flipflopflyin.com/

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1st Electronic Art Festival Rio de Janeiro/Brazil
18 July - 28 August 2005

is presenting several New Media projects created and chief curated by Agricola de Cologne, among others
global networking project
SELECTION'03 by VideoChannel
a compilation of 10 videos featuring
Calin Dan (curated by Raluca Velizar & Florin Tudor)
Empar Cubells (curated by videoraum.net Valencia/Spain)
Margerida Paiva (curated by Agricola de Cologne)
Jens Salander (curated by Bjoern Norberg)
Daniel Lo Iocono (curated by Agricola de Cologne)
Yi Hyang Kim (curated by Won-Kon Yi)
Christina McPhee (curated by Alex Haupt)
Rafael Alcala (curated by Heidi Figueroa & Marianne Ramírez-Aponte)
Dana Levy (curated by Agricola de Cologne)
Agricola de Cologne (curated by Melody Parker-Carter)

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:: Sunday, July 17, 2005 ::
Got a question about contemporary art? Art Phone

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From Chiara Passa:

"ART CALLING-DIGITAL ART STORIES" is out now at http://www.we-make

It's a pubilc art project which aim is to bring people closer to digital art in an easy way.

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Luis Silva has started a new blog called "Souce Code" focusing on issues connected to digital art, hactivism, tactical media, resistance, critical theory

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