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InSite_05 Artist Registry


inSite_05, the network of contemporary arts events and actions set in the San Diego/Tijuana region, will open its public phase Aug. 26, and run through Nov.13, 2005. inSite_05 is proposing an artist registry of regional artists to be housed in two centers known as infoSites. These centers, located in Tijuana and San Diego serve as places for visitors to engage in educational programs such as lectures and dialogues, as well as to peruse a variety of visual displays, archival documents, books, and multimedia (videos, music, computer based) that strive to allow audiences access to inSite_05 art projects and processes.

We would like to invite all regional artists to submit dossiers to be included in these registries. This opportunity will give regional artists the chance to make their work available not only to those of the local artist communities, but also to those coming from all over the world. Each infoSite, one in Tijuana and the other in San Diego, will be a meeting point for an open exchange among artists.

InSite_05 Registro de artistas


inSite_05, la red de eventos y acciones de arte contemporáneo en la región San Diego/Tijuana inaugurará su fase pública el 26 de agosto, misma que continuará abierta hasta el 13 de noviembre de 2005. inSite 05 se ha propuesto realizar un registro de artistas regionales que se albergue en dos centros conocidos como infoSites. Estos centros estarán situados en Tijuana y San Diego y servirán como lugares en los que los visitantes puedan participar en programas educativos tales como conferencias y diálogos, así como acceder a una variedad de presentaciones visuales, documentos de archivo, libros y multimedia (videos y música digital). El objetivo de los infoSites es que el público tenga acceso a los proyectos y procesos de arte de inSite_05.

Queremos invitar a todos los artistas regionales a presentar carpetas para integrarlas a estos registros. Esta será una oportunidad para que los artistas regionales pongan su trabajo a disposición tanto de las comunidades artísticas locales, como de las que vienen del resto del mundo. Será una puerta para que los artistas formen redes y se promuevan. Ambos infoSites, el de Tijuana y el de San Diego, podría ser una oportunidad para el intercambio entre artistas.

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Transitio_mx 2005 International Video and Electronic Arts Festival is a place for the expression of contemporary artistic creative practices through electronic media. The main focus of this festival is showing the current production and research in the field, in function of the constant mobility of its epistemological, technological, cultural, aesthetic and social boundaries.
These dissolutions invite us to explore the nature, scopes and conflicts between, art, technology, sciences and humanities making the Festival a permanent site for the expression and reflection of the above mentioned relationships.

This first edition of the Festival has chosen the „Imaginaries in transit: poetics and technology‰ as its main theme. The thematic proposes to go deep into the paradigm that provides of contents and expands technology right from the poetics or sign‚s site, rather that emphasizing the research concerning technological support itself. „Imaginaries in transit: poetics
and technology‰ seeks to explore the aesthetic and cultural re-signification modes that accompany electronic art production and research, inviting the participants of the contest to reflect about production within this context.

Transitio_mx will count with the presence of well known personalities such as Marina Grzinik, Rafael Lozano Hemmer, Arlindo Machado, Jorge Laferla, Príamo Lozada, José Luis Barrios, among others. The jury for the First Video and Electronic Arts Contest will also be made up of important artists and theoretitians in the electronic arts field. Three prizes will be awarded: first prize consisting in N$120,000.00, second prize consisting in N$90,000.00 and third prize of N$75,000.00. The previous amounts are in Mexican pesos.

The National Culture and Arts Council, through the Center for Multimedia of the National Center for the Arts, invites all artists of this field to participate in the First Video and Electronic Arts Contest that will take place within the framework of this
Festival from December 6 to 11, 2005.

The deadline for the contest is September 30, 2005. For information on the required documents, and in order to complete the entry form visit: http://transitiomx.cenart.gob.mx
or write an email to:Ana Villa (concursoae@correo.cnart.mx)


(English below)

Transitio_mx. Festival Internacional de Artes Electrónicas y Video es un espacio para la expresión de las prácticas contemporáneas de creación artística con medios electrónicos. El interés principal de este Festival es mostrar la producción e investigación en el campo, en función de la constante movilidad de sus fronteras epistemológicas, tecnológicas, culturales, estéticas y sociales. Estas disoluciones invitan a explorar la naturaleza, los alcances y las problemáticas entre arte, tecnología, ciencias y humanidades y constituyen al Festival como un lugar permanente de expresión y reflexión de dichas relaciones.

La primera edición del Festival ha elegido como tema "Imaginarios en tránsito: poéticas y tecnología". La temática propone ahondar en el paradigma que dota de contenido y expande la tecnología desde el lugar del signo o la poética, más que enfatizar la investigación sobre el soporte tecnológico mismo. "Imaginarios en tránsito: poéticas y tecnología" busca explorar los modos de resignificación estética y cultural que acompañan la producción y la investigación del arte electrónico e invita a los participantes del concurso a reflexionar sobre su producción en este contexto.

Transitio_mx reunirá a relevantes figuras de este ámbito como Marina Grzinik, Rafael Lozano Hemmer, Arlindo Machado, Jorge Laferla, Príamo Lozada, José Luis Barrios entre muchos otros. El Concurso de artes electrónicas contará con la presencia de un prestigioso Jurado internacional que otorgará 3 premios: primer premio $120,000.00, segundo premio $90,000.00 y un tercer premio de $75,000.00 (todas las cantidades están en pesos mexicanos).

El Consejo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes, a través del Centro Multimedia del Centro Nacional de las Artes, convoca a los artistas de este campo, a participar en el Primer Concurso de Artes Electrónicas y Video que se llevará a cabo en el marco de este Festival del 6 al 11 de diciembre del 2005.
El límite para el envío de documentos es el día 30 de septiembre de 2005.
Las convocatoria del concurso y el formato de inscripción pueden consultarse en el siguiente enlace:

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:: Wednesday, August 10, 2005 ::
This month NAR offers a review and a commentary on InteractivA 05 plus a commentary on Tanzania. Annina Ruest commends for the net.ten and we release another PDF in an ongoing collaboration with a minima::, a theoritical text by Cerveira Pinto.

Also look over our weekly features. This week contributing editor Lora McPhail reflects on the implications of having her PC turned off for a week.

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:: Tuesday, August 09, 2005 ::
Graphite 2005 International Conference on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques in Australasia and Southeast Asia

29 November - 2 December 2005

University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand.

Call for Entries: Graphite2005 Electronic Theatre




Graphite’s Electronic Theatre showcases the best of new creative and scientific visualization and CGI.

- Submission Deadline 15th August 2005

Electronic Theatre submissions are invited from computer graphics visualisers, including: scientific as well as artistic research groups, video- and film- makers, game developers, architectural and engineering visualisation, computer animators and computer graphics students. The electronic theatre program will showcase material that demonstrates innovative computer animation or image processing techniques or that illustrates technical details of research development. It will include material of scientific, artistic,entertainment and cultural value.

Students, professionals, researchers, companies and organizations are eligible to submit material.

For full submission information, please visit:


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:: Monday, August 08, 2005 ::
Aug 8, 2005 UTC - Release 0.16 of the Open Clip Art Library
(www.openclipart.org) is now available on-line for download as an individual package consisting of 4442 images submitted by over 443 artists from around the world.

This releases squishes a major bug that replaced valid keywords in the clip art files with some strange HASH memory location text. Most of the clip art in the library and this release is now repaired.

Bryce Harrington and Jon Phillips both presented at the 2005 Desktop Developers Conference in Ottawa. Harrington's presentation promoted Inkscape (www.inkscape.org) while Phillips' presentation introduced the Open Clip Art Library to the freedesktop community. Both presentations were well received and sparked several debates.

Also added this month is a new clipart-announce mailing list (http://freedesktop.org/
). The Open Clip Art Library encourages everyone to sign up for this list in order to ONLY receive messages about Open Clip Art Library release announcements. This list is especially well-suited for packagers and others that might not want to receive all the developer discussions from the primary project mailing list (http://freedesktop.org/

As always, see what the librarians and artists are working on at http://planet.openclipart.org. Artist and librarians (developer) for the project who would like to be included in this blog should contact (http://openclipart.org/contact.php) the project admins in order to be added.

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