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BY: Sala-manca

This month Net Art Review invites sala-manca, a collaborative based in Jerusalem to recommend ten online resources to our readers.

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FEATURE.REVIEW: Blogtalk DownUnder
BY Mark R. Hancock

The proliferation of blogs over the past few years has been incredible. Most people who have an Internet connection know at least one person who authors a blog, or they, themselves, maintain and write one. In a few short years, blogs topics have covered the gamut from pregnancy to hypertext theory . Yet, despite their widespread subject matter, there is a lot of debate and discussion that has, and is yet to, occur around their nature and purpose. This is what the organizers of "BlogTalk DownUnder" have attempted to capture.

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Ignacio Nieto Interviews Simon Schiessl

Simon Schiessl: My work is mainly about physical objects. I am not so much interested in working within the medium "computer" - It is more about generating complex installations in which data processing is just one part among others. In most of my pieces I try to avoid standard user interfaces: the 3:4 computer screen; mouse; keyboard; and, including underlying operating systems, as I feel limited by them. In fact, I don't like personal computers, but I do like circuits.

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FEATURE.REVIEW: Reflections on Cecilia Parsberg and her work
(with a short statement by Cecilia Parsberg)
BY Ana Valdés

Excerpt from Parsberg's statement:
Actions are based on response and collaboration. The action includes the process - the joining of the elements and the events that take place, and the result - the work of art including its encounter with the participants and/or audience, and its connection to the original situation, the source of the work. The impetus behind actions is to consider art as a continuous source of energy and power and as a communication process, where the work does not only consist of the image, but includes and requires feedback and response.

Excerpt from Valdéz's feature:
Yo sentí que lo que Parsberg planteaba era importante, que las preguntas que ella formulaba tienen que ver con los demonios interiores y fantasmas de todos nosotros, la instalación se movĂ­a en los campos de lo simbólico y de lo sugerido, en el terreno del erotismo de George Bataille y en el campo retórico del poder como lo desarrolla Foucault o Agamben.

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In an ongoing collaboration, this month NAR features another .PDF originally published in a minima:: No.11, a media and contemporary art publication based in Spain. This month Ana Vujanovic interviews Igor Stromajer.

Recently, when I'm in a situation where I'm supposed to introduce myself, I say that I'm an
intimate mobile communicator. Because what I've been doing for the last seven years on the net and before that, about four years in the theatre, is intimate communication. An intensive intimate communication of me as an artist with the recipients. The word "Mobile" I added four years ago, especially because of the beginning of research on mobile digital technology (GSM, WAP, GPS) for artistic purposes. I began my theatre practise in 1989, and for the next four years I've been working with Bojana Kunst on theatrical experiments, which we called theatrical installations. Through them we studied relations between the body of the actor, dancer and spectator, physical energy, intimate plot, and the private examination of the actor in public (theatre) space. Since 1996 I've been working on the Internet. I started with so-called classical virtual net art, then I passed to multimedia emotional mobile and communicational projects, and at this moment I'm mostly working on inter-media guerrilla and political aspects of mobile intimate digital communication, which in other word means -net performance.

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